[Shanghai east Essemi ES32+RT-Thread of microelectronics of soft carrier wave] hold jointly groom

As the development that content couplet net uses, increasing equipment needs " of “ couplet net and " intelligence " , can go to the lavatory even at the same time, apace develops application of all sorts of content couplet net, give attention to two or morethings considers the issue such as safe, power comsumption, this makes content couplet net operating system (IoT OS) is applied more and more extensive.

Design a company as homebred chip east the net of couplet of content opening a source of soft carrier wave and homebred and own intellectual property operating system ——RT-Thread, to satisfy industry development and talent requirement, let broad embedded application development person can use this IoT OS opening a source quickly, in the light of have embedded applying foundation, need increases the development staff of OS application, both sides will be being held [3-4 hour] [academic + start work experiment] [free] RT-Thread introduction grooms.

Shanghai east after product of series of 7P/8P of afterwards of limited company of microelectronics of soft carrier wave brand-new the chip product that rolls out ES32 series is 32 ARM small controller (MCU) . ES32 series offers mode of a variety of low power comsumption and rich peripheral (be like: Interface of PWM of control of ADC, DAC, LCD, CAN, USB OTG, advanced electric machinery, peripheral bus line, QSPI interface, operation quickens module, hardware to add the) such as close module, peripheral interconnection module. Can apply extensively at equipment of periphery of electron of all sorts of small home appliance, white home appliance, car, exercise, Medical Protection, intelligence appearance of 4 watches, instrument, how to prevent, a lot of domain such as clavier of electric source control, motor control, industry control, electric machinery control, computer, mouse, wireless remote control. And ESLink Ⅱ is a function powerful, operation is stable and simple, reliable debug process designing implement. Company of ESLink Ⅱ support is all 8 / 32 MCU are emulated and process designing, the mainstream such as supportive Keil, IAR, IDesigner develops an environment, support is substantial can configure off line to cook collection plan. At the same time the portable sex demand of user of give attention to two or morethings, special increase roll out edition of ESLink Ⅱ Mini. Brand-new design made what use flexibility and gender, advanced and compositive sex easily for the user a series of products, help user is all-around answer content couplet net (IoT) designs a challenge

RT-Thread: Content couplet net operating system, follow pattern of Apache 2.0 accredit, having those who exceed 10 years to open source technology and applied experience to accumulate, mature highly not only stable, have complete and rich intermediate layer software and IoT package (transmit like inn of agreement of GUI, network, safety, the) such as component of low power comsumption, and have resource to take up low, height can cut out, develop convenient, support 2 times the character such as all mainstream chip and CPU framework, be carried at the sources of energy, car by wide application, the many industries such as electron of medical treatment, consumption, accumulate installation amount to exceed 20 million.

[Shanghai east Essemi ES32+RT-Thread of microelectronics of soft carrier wave] hold jointly groom

Groom means:

1.4 groom, the graph on scanning identifying 2 dimension code, can sign up freely

2. is academic + start work experiment

3. is sponsorred just offer development board freely

4. participator needs to carry computer by oneself, install good development environment ahead of schedule

Groom content

1, Shanghai east microelectronics company reachs soft carrier wave to taste brief introduction newly

2, groom whole journey is carried out [academic + start work] means undertakes;

3, Introduction RT-Thread, understand; of R-Thread system frame in the round to software package to package from the kernel

4, with integrated DEMO is example, the basic idea of the RTOS that tear open solution is like line Cheng, IPC to wait reach applied;

5, RT-Thread cuts out the use that configures a tool.

Before specific content will begin with the activity 4 update inside week, sponsor square reservation to revise thematic influence.

The preparation before the experiment

To assure the success of experimental course, install beforehand please:

1, Keil 5.x version

2, RT-Thread 4.0 source: Https://github.com/RT-Thread/rt-thread

3, Env tool: Https://pan.baidu.com/s/1cg28rk

4, ES32 Keil5 chip wraps (DFP) : Download to Www.essemi.com official net please

5, ES-Link II burns collection software: Download to Www.essemi.com official net please

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