Semiconductor rolls out Aimaisi sensor of new-style intelligence health, dislodge consumes equipment to have function of monitoring of heart and vessels of medical treatment class

What sensor of AS7026 small-sized optics can make watch of wrist belt, intelligence and other and mobile equipment realize heartbeat, blood pressure and ECG is round-the-clock measure

China, the supplier of high-powered sensor solution with —— banner on March 1, 2019 whole world Aimaisi semiconductor (Ams AG, code of stock of Swiss stock exchange: AMS) rolls out to be used at lasting now the optical sensor AS7026 of condition of health of monitoring heart and vessels, can have medical treatment class to blood pressure 1 measure accurately. Combine Aimaisi the VivaVita™ fittings design of semiconductor, can shorten for need the product appears on the market the client of time is offerred reach key solution, the shift that founds a function to abound for IOS and Android™ mobile operating system uses a program.

Semiconductor rolls out Aimaisi sensor of new-style intelligence health, dislodge consumes equipment to have function of monitoring of heart and vessels of medical treatment class

AS7026 built-in health monitors wrist belt or intelligent watch to wait for consumptive equipment, can undertake variability of heartbeat, heartbeat, blood pressure and cardiogram continuously (ECG) is measured. The optical semiconductor technology with advanced AS7026 and complex algorithmic phase are united in wedlock, make can apparel the measurement of equipment precision reachs unprecedented level, according to IEEE 1708-2014 occupation standard, the blood pressure that AS7026 uses measures algorithmic precision to be) of class of 1(B of medical treatment class via the test.

The high accuracy heart and vessels of this sensor measured a function to create new development latent capacity for the consumption such as intelligent watch and lifestyle equipment, make its can round-the-clock provide the valuable healthy data that monitor, and these data need to use device of appropriative medical treatment normally, and obtain in hospital or doctor surgery ability only.

“ passes the wrist area that provides AS7026 sensor or watch to wait comfortable and convenient equipment, the normal blood pressure that consumer can understand him and the crucial index with other healthy heart, like waiting for body index as hep height and weight. ”Semiconductor vice-president holds Aimaisi concurrently general manager of business of sensor of colour shade chart Dr. Reiner Jumpertz expresses, “ uses these data, can choose individual health management and way of life wisely. ”

AS7026 power comsumption is low, and enclose rectify module of optics of form of characters or letters for a 6.2mm X 2.8mm X 1.0mm, can undertake monitoring of health of intelligence of round-the-clock lifesaving type through equipment of batteries power supply. The innovation application that this small-sized sensor monitors a technology for health (wait for equipment of type of pleasant to hear to arrive from earphone and Acousticon toilet seat) provided vast space.

AS7026 uses cell of high-powered optical overlay, can realize tall sensitivity, low noise and interference rejection of tall ambient light quality, can apparel the small-sized battery that equipment and mobile equipment include makes power comsumption is reduced considerably. In addition, the component of new-style and optical overlay of AS7026 distributings to depth of Von Luschan color of skin the color of skin of avery kind of in the graph can realize outstanding signal quality.

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