Safer, more intelligence: Microelectronics releases Jiatelan new generation chip

After afterwards released odd chip of radio frequency of radar of millimeter wave of generation 77GHz 2017, recently, jiatelan microelectronics released system of its revolutionary radar of Alps series millimeter wave in Shanghai odd chip. In the meantime, jiatelan still was rolled out on the news briefing compositive a God the AiP(antennainpackage) product of the line.

After chip of radar of millimeter wave of generation 77GHzCMOS was released 2017, microelectronics and downstream application manufacturer began Jiatelan to cooperate extensively, market volume is installed successfully to produce before the car, be in at the same time traffic, how to prevent, install check to become resemble waiting for a domain to also obtain a breakthrough, already spread out collaboration with many 90 client in the whole world.

Safer, more intelligence: Microelectronics releases Jiatelan new generation chip

Regard Jiatelan as new generation advocate make a product, alps is had quicker (Fast) , more agile (Flexible) , more friendly (Friendly) , more reliable (the characteristic of Firm) , will offer highly competitive chip solution for market of radar of 77/79GHz millimeter wave. The AlpsAiP product that this synchronism rolls out is more aerial unit compositive enclose a layer to chip, great the difficulty that reduced radar development and cost, can better satisfaction is short be apart from, super- short the demand that spurs radar.

In the meantime, this second the news briefing still released the Alps2T4R product that provides sexual price to compare more and 60GHzSoC product. The familial platform that these chip comprise, will offer for the user from long be apart from, in be apart from short be apart from, super- short those who be apart from is all-around complete solution. It is reported, this series chip will roll out project sample in the 2nd quarter, produce at dimensions coming true to measure inside 2019.

In addition, the respect expresses Jiatelan, issue the challenge of mode of pair of traditional semiconductor sale to answer new environment, microelectronics will update Jiatelan the channel such as platform of date of public of website, small letter, roll out at the same time clean out treasure to buy platform, contented user small lot buys demand, offer for the user use the technology of millimeter wave radar with lower power comsumption more high-poweredly, more easily.

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