Reduction of output of lucky Sa shutdown or industry of semiconductor of bay of shock testing machine

For because answer,China is decreased to car demand acute cause the impact with chip exorbitant inventory, japanese semiconductor is big company of electron of factory luck Sa (13 when Renesas) plans to make below the banner 14 factories medium temporary stop production, crop predicted to will reduce even more to be become than 2018 2019, catenary stage is supplied to accumulate light of report, life and capital related Taiwan yuan report fear sufferring concussion.

Lucky Sa is the whole world the 3rd cart uses semiconductor big plant, market analysis, stage accumulating report is all the time since lucky Sa is long-term main partner, for before 10 big clients, market attention, after reduction of output of lucky Sa shutdown, whether can increase the order proportion of acting factory, if be to be pounded by war of the trade in the United States, bring about the sale such as chinese mainland to glide, fear cutting down Taiwan to era is versed in or be sealed measure; of companionate order proportion but the person that also have a few job thinks, if expand appoint outside acting labour, light of stage accumulating report, life and Beijing yuan report indebted instead.

Lucky Sa

Nevertheless, cong Ruisa the most advanced car of Cheng of 28 pay the metric system uses small controller, total number delivers to a generation that accumulate report to be versed in, this chip already won the much home whole world such as Denso factory of famous car spare parts, car plant is used, next year total number passes through a generation that accumulate report to be versed in the quantity is produced, the market anticipates, lucky Sa stop production is short sky only to station plant influence.

Day classics coverage, the 6 front factory that lucky Sa is in Japan will from April the bottom has stop work a month, in August again shutdown a month. In 3 back end of Japanese Taiwan the factory will be in 4 when count week of; to be located in China and Malaysia to the shutdown between September 4 abroad factories to also will shut several weeks.

Share price of Sa of luck of this message be a burden on stops 7 days to close with dropping, heavy defeat 15% to 584 yen, to came in May 2013 the biggest drop. Lucky Sa evens more half battalion closes come from a car to use chip, cropland of high rely abundant, Ford, day is produced wait for car manufacturer.

Report points out, above of a month is in shutout this industry is very infrequent, the influence of delay of hasten of obvious China economy already pervaded to wait for a lot of industries to the metal from electronic spare parts. The small controller that is used in order to produce at car, home appliance and tool machine sees lucky Sa say, but China is right of the product requirement such as machine of car, air conditioning, tool fall ambitious at anticipating. Ruisaxi looks considerably reduction of output can be reduced climb the chip reserve that raise continuously, improve manufacturing efficiency.

Lucky Sa releases press release 7 days to express, media covered recently, guess lucky Sa wants to close a plant temporarily, these report are not a basis of lucky Sa announce. Lucky Sa is considering to implement a few measure, the requirement according to future is provisional stop production, include to suspend front workshop production is the two longest month, and week of number of stop production of back end factory, the decision between all and specific idling period, can study capacity demand trend and client delivery situation.

2019 year of lucky Sa produce per year a quantity to predict to will reduce even more than 2018 year completely 10% , this company the sale last year glides 3% to 7, 57.3 billion yen () of 6.78 billion dollar.

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