Ou Silang rolls out horticultural research Phytofy RL of special lighting system

On March 5, 2019 —— recently, ou Silang rolled out the Phytofy RL of system of newest plant lighting that is based on LED. This lighting system is to satisfy university, private orgnaization and conservatory and perpendicular farm plant of the domain such as production the demand that researcher increases increasingly and a research of special research and development uses lamps and lanterns. Researcher and contemporary farm worker can be in lab or climate room development of use Phytofy RL is new-style plant illumination and grow recipe, with period let a plant be achieved in respect of quality, crop and gust expect a result.

Ou Silang rolls out horticultural research Phytofy RL of special lighting system

The illumination that system of lighting of Phytofy RL plant can use all sorts of different wavelengh and strength intervenes optionally agricultural crop and the metabolization process that view and admire crop, try to control to crop, colour and lustre, mouthfeel and other feature. Newest research makes clear, floral metabolization process gets not only 400-700 accept rice (the light inside Nm) limits adds up to effective radiate (the influence of PAR) , shorter also can affect floral to grow with longer wavelengh development. Use Phytofy RL, researcher can be handled respectively arrive from natural Yuan Gongguang 6 spectral passageways of ultraviolet light, plan accurately in real time and control light to add up to effective photons to shed density (PPFD) , include among them: 385 Nm, 450 Nm, 521 Nm, 660 Nm, 730 Nm and a warm Bai Guangtong (2, 700 K) . In the meantime, the many LED lamps and lanterns in the system still realized taller light to add up to luminous flux (PPF) .

One of characteristics of system of lighting of Phytofy RL plant are the light with its even height distributings. The system after calibration can offer accurate illumination to distributing graph, by software computation, need not measure luminous flux. Additional, phytofy RL can use the smooth recipe that evaluates diversity, and need not change between disparate test lamps and lanterns. The user can be inside different smooth outline and whole photoperiod process designing set is different the combination of wavelengh, after register, the user still can obtain Ou Silang 5 smooth recipes of special development.

This system software is developed jointly by Ou Silang and plant biologist, its intuitionistic graph user interface is used very convenient. In addition, this software Yi Ke is compositive in climate room system, let climate room manufacturer also can be benefited from which. Phytofy RL dimension is 667 X 299 X 44 Mm, weight is less than 9 kilogram, the design is even and firm, mix for system of perpendicular farm, frame only grow room and undertook optimizing.

Phytofy RL is current already by bureau of American country aerospace (the city establishs NASA) and Mixiegen the university is used. In the meantime, a climate that Ou Silang is in Munich university is indoor use this software to undertake growth, the research of cyanine element and mouthfeel respect.

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