New progress! On Hua Run China roll out platform of craft of BCD of type of section of 0.18µm whole set

On March 5, ability of the Hua Ke on the Hua Run that do not have stannum limited company (on abbreviation “ Hua Run China the 0.18µmBCD craft platform that ”) announces to already developed voltage of type of whole set section, can offer take EPi and two kinds of plan that do not take EPi, have design regulation small, guide the library unit with good, rich character of small, Mismatch mixes electrify block the advantage such as IP option, function already preceded with industry the level considers, this craft platform can apply extensively at appareling, the product such as mobile phone, computer, small home appliance and medical treatment, contented client is right different voltage paragraph demand.


According to introducing, current, on Hua Run China 0.18µmBCD craft platform can offer 6 voltage paragraph: 7V-16V, 18V-20V, 24V-30V, 35V-40V, 40V-60V, 80V-120V, the parasitism parts of an apparatus or appliance that can offer the sort such as resistor of BJT, Poly, Zener, SBD to abound, and the ESD that is aimed at different job voltage protects program. At present already the mobile phone, client that how defends the many domains such as electron of monitoring, consumption guides in this platform product, function of parts of an apparatus gets the accord of client of domestic and international much home is approbated.

On Hua Run China last on BCD craft platform research and development, already enclothed by 6 inches of product line to 8 inches of product line, from 1µm outspread to 0.18µm.

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