New product of beautiful smooth MWC appears push 1TB of global head money to shine deposit check

Beauty of plant of American memory leader is in the world 25 days solely mobile congress (MWC) publishs global head money to exceed high capacity MicroSD to show 1TBmicroSDXCUHS-I of series of the ——Micronc200 that deposit check. This product is high-powered but draw-out type stores solution, offer those who be as high as 1TB1 to store capacity, consumer can shine with this deposit check, store on mobile phone or other electron device 4K film, photograph and game. Predict the 2nd season appears on the market sale.

This shines put card to be industry head money to use beautiful light advanced 96 4 rank store unit (the MicroSD of QLC)3DNAND technology shines deposit check, every second is read take speed to be as high as 100MB, every second keeps rate 3 can amount to 95MB, accord with the standard of 3(U3) of UHS-I speed grade and 30(V30) of movie career grade.

The United States is smooth

ForwardInsights president GregoryWong expresses, 3DQLCNAND technology times comes, will drive the market to consume a gender to store to high capacity the demand of device increases. And point out, what beautiful light rolls out is new shine put card to be but draw-out type stores device market delimits next important milestone, will conduce to quicken mobile unit and game device to change Cheng Gaorong quantity to store device.

Beautiful light is embedded AravindRamamoorthy of senior inspector general represents solution of NAND of product career ministry, adopt framework of CuA(CMOSundertheArray) of research and development and 96 QLC technique, domain of 3DNAND of company stand firm leads a position, brand-new C200 series 1TBmicroSD shines put calorie of will contented consumer to spend tall way of life to mobile unit stick together, auxiliary user freedom picks take, share, store and enjoy more content.

Besides shine put a product, beautiful light also is advanced continuously in DRAM technology, also announce to build DRAM outstanding center in Taiwan before this, xu Guojin of vice president of division of this company Taiwan is before this on appraise of eat of a media divulge, guided in Taiwan last year after Cheng of 1x pay the metric system, book second half of the year to still will guide quantity of Cheng of 1y pay the metric system is produced, at the same time hand-in-hand travel 1z makes Cheng try produce, hope next year guides the quantity is produced.

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