MWC comes on stage plan of radio frequency of case core beautiful 5G

Congress of global action communication (MWC)25 day comes on stage, core of squares formed by crossed lines of brilliant circle acting factory (GlobalFoundries) shows solution of 5G relevant radio frequency, case core also platform of skill of acting work of circle of brilliant of SOI of deep ploughing radio frequency.

MWC25 comes on stage to 28 days of Yuxibanyabasailongna since day, case core releases press release to point out, besides showing the radio frequency solution that supports 5G, government-owned net data shows, relevant and high-ranking administrator also will discuss intelligence the development of concatenate industry trend.

Case core lasts silicon of the Fu on layer of insulation of aggrandizement radio frequency (RFSOI) technology platform, since rolling out the 8SWRFSOI technology platform that is aimed at action application in September 2017 among them, client end designs accrual to already exceeded 1 billion dollar.

Case core

Case core points out, include 4GLTE and 5G inside complex rate raises high speed level increasingly, radio of radio frequency front designs innovation, must satisfy data of the network that grows increasingly, data and applied requirement ceaselessly.

Data of MobileExperts of case core quote anticipates, acted 2022 market of radio frequency front beforehand appraise reachs 22 billion dollar, year all compound growing rate is amounted to 8.3% . Go fully year of RFSOI chip, join of car of case core deep ploughing, 5G and content couplet net (all sorts of radio frequency products such as IoT) combine application.

MobileExperts expresses, the radio complexity that is used at millimeter wave is being reached under 6GHz rises, drive a variety of radio frequency functions close together conformity, the solution of radio frequency tall efficiency that the market needs to have linear property.

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