MPS appears on Munich! Carry MCar to embark brand-new technology

Munich (Shanghai) the electron is exhibited in March 20 come to be held successfully on March 22, annual “ Munich electron exhibits ” to concluded ceremoniously in Shanghai a few days ago. The theme that Bencihui extends is “ wisdom to prospective ” , each big famous firm assembles in, revealed the new science and technology of all sorts of direct future, new product, new concept. The whole world is famous limited company of system of source of core of semiconductor manufacturer United States (MPS) is not exceptional also, the industry that at present MPS place involves, covered complete type of computation, car, industry, infrastructure and consumption, included the almost all and popular field such as management of batteries of computation of GPU, cloud, memory, artificial intelligence, car, ADAS, robot, 5G, IoT, this second electron is exhibited, MPS also suit theme, the key pays close attention to nowadays to develop swift and violent car and electronic field, brought its the electric car MCar of own research and development, at the same time also this platform revealed MCar of have the aid of efficient USB Type C PD of class of chip of control of PFC+LLC of power source module, complete digitlization, car and car lighting engineering.


MPS is in 2009 domain of car of make one’s bow, it is member of association of international car attestation at present, MPS starts from DC-DC, up to now product line is more and more substantial also, include automobile body control, light control, ADAS control. Today’s grand opera MCar is by MPS own research and development is made.

MPS appears on Munich! Carry MCar to embark brand-new technology

MCar item characteristics and its function are as follows:

L freedom rotates central frame

Pilot of independence of L 4 annulus is dynamoelectric turn to a system

L independent pilot is dynamoelectric drive function

Pilot of independence of L 4 annulus is dynamoelectric drive wheel

Design of L complete electron and wireless and compositive design

Lu of vise general manager makes the same score area of MPS north China the gentleman explains to the reporter: “MPS is not to prepare to join the onrush that builds a car, of MCar basically is MPS hardware product demonstrates the platform with sale. ”

Power source of MCar general MPS and dynamical control unit are compositive in a true and huge system, be in with convenient MPS group the test that soft hardware achieves in having the application that challenges a gender extremely. In the design of car and mechanical function, revealed yuan of a large number of parts of an apparatus or appliance that make by MPS.

Lu makes the same score general manager to sum up: “ this (the electric machinery technology that there is MPS inside MCar) , sensor technology, power source technology and Led drive technology, be equivalent to the technical carrier of MPS. ”

Electric machinery of unifinication of intelligence of MPS EMotion series

Electric machinery driver can say is MCar most the technology of core.

The intelligent unifinication electric machinery of MPS is used at in small-power is general servo domain, include 24V) of 42(typical voltage, 36V) of 57(typical voltage two series, in all social estate of 7 kinds of power, basically apply to 200W from 30W in the light of power.

And Bencihui is exhibited in, MCar most the electric hardware that gives prize is main the component is EMotionTM, specific include: Use at changing direction to mix of electrical shock drive without brush dc machine to control module (MP6570) , and use at footplate of steering wheel, foot, frame pivot and change an axis to finally output pass the magnetism of feeling angle sensor (MA702) . Besides EMotionTM component, still contain voltage converter and adjuster, power drive and those who be used in power supply of MCU, batteries and communication subsystem is other a few chip.

MPS appears on Munich! Carry MCar to embark brand-new technology

“ resembles us present 57 series, it is to be used on electric car not just. ” Lu makes the same score gentleman say, what we use “ at present is dc does not have drifting plan, it can be used in a lot of domains, resemble the AGV car that content sheds, on conveyer belt, it is OK to include monitoring and other cars to hold application. ”

Efficient, of small size but module of shunt-wound 100A power source

MPS is having old experience in respect of power source module. Newest product MPM3695-80 is the 16V of a compositive inductance, 100A takes the power source module of PMBus, supportable paralell connection exports 400A electricity, apply to FPGA, the setting of big electric current such as ASIC.

“ of our chip is used the most top class technology, it is industry is banner that our product can say, regard power density as highest module, voltage arrives to the car to high pressure from low pressure voltage of 75 bend over, electric current can support 80A greatly most, can cover industry, computation, medical treatment all sorts of domains. ”

But when asking new MPM3695-80 look has He You power at MPM3695-25 relatively, lu manager explains: “ greatens as electric current, power also grows in square, so his heat will be very big, MPM3695-80 can be used the smallest MOSFET is achieved below the smallest area, solve thereby medicinal powder hot issue. As to the choice of module, should the diverse demand according to the client, 25 are industry volume likewise the smallest one of. ”

Complete digitlization PFC+LLC controls chip HR1210

NPS accumulated 20 old experience above the craft in chip, tasting HR1210 newly is MPS PFC+LLC of word of the 2nd algebra dominates chip, in full range efficiency, bide one’s time power comsumption, noise, the crucial function such as dependability is achieved precede inside course of study level. Its particular number control and height of parts of an apparatus of imitate high pressure realize way compositively, make the periphery parts of an apparatus that uses circuit very concise not only, still can get used to all sorts of application and different power neatly paragraph all sorts of demand. Of crucial even parameter optimize can finish through automation system scanning, can substantially cycle of economic research and development and resource.

MPS appears on Munich! Carry MCar to embark brand-new technology

Taillight of “ lamplight beautiful ”

Light is car Central Africa often has differentiate spent one part, different brand is having distinct light effect, resembling is water state, breathing effect. The car class chip of MPS uses drive of multichannel constant current, can achieve all sorts of dynamic indication results, have feeling of science and technology, safer, more human nature is changed, convenient client realizes the lamplight control of much passageway.

Car class USB Type C PD

Finally, lu manager tastes newly with what the form of little game revealed MPS: DEMO of charger of 60W USB Type C of two-way car class. Show level to charge to suit the big environment that the technology upgrades ceaselessly, MPS also carries in the car charge the chip that the respect formed a three-in-one, it assembled the control of the agreement of the changeover of power, interface and USB protection, can identify QC or be ESPPD will undertake charging accordingly administrative.

The direct seeding that exhibits whole journey to Munich electron according to old bit is interviewed, see not hard, car electron is undoubtedly this second exhibit the key of the meeting, car of new energy resources regards national strategy as burgeoning industry, the market that also is in special key currently grows period. MPS regards the semiconductor of extremely rich experience as the manufacturer, more than there was new breakthrough on module, still offerred the core product such as power adjuster, voltage regulator and voltage transformer for electric car, hold the prospective trend of the car truly, provided more overall service for the client.

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