Layout of domain of aggrandizement future AR, apple or will go toward these two direction

Apple sets position of chief inspector of AR product sale, will take up the post of by the FrankCasanova that is in charge of IPhone companionate sale originally, beforehand appraise Apple is met again aggrandizement AR domain is relevant layout.

Apple will from assistance AR application development turns toward layout of sale AR function

Apple is in very long before the interest that shows pair of AR, timCook ever also made public those who express pair of AR to take seriously, begin from PokemonGO game, can see all sorts of Apple effort to AR application. But from the point of practical side, consumer uses the convention of AR application without nurturance, although Apple is right,accordingly AR function is interested again, also won’t wear urgently roll out AR product.

Apple AR

However in last few years the effort that ARKit, USDZ all is Apple achievement, apple first centre of gravity from roll out AR application and product, move arrives provide the AR application development environment with convenient developer, although Apple returns the AR product that won’t roll out independence, but think to develop to IPhone hardware function, apple is measured for 3D environment feeling, replace very likely IPhone product added postposition 3D feeling to measure module 2020, aggrandizement AR effect.

Here premise falls, apple besides should assist AR quickly outside application development, the acceptance that still must raise consumer to apply to AR is spent, ability can let FrankCasanova begin to be in charge of the sale arrangements related AR product, outside dividing Apple itself, still need to help AR application sale of the partner.

Although Apple is in at present the development of AR domain in order to develop a tool, make a standard give priority to, go out without end too much the applied function that attracts customer, but the App amount that will naturally begin to increase AR application after Apple, tie-in new fund IPhone has sale, when after consumer habit uses AR application function, ability can roll out oneself AR device.

Apple begins the AR function of aggrandizement oneself map likely also

Besides Apple, google also is developing the AR navigation function of GoogleMap, the directional directive that yields the person that go can pass through AR vista walks to destination, although this function still is in the test, google also does not have watch of the Cheng when disclosing what enable formally, but can see Google feels interest to AR function likewise, the application that begins to suit oneself joins AR function.

AR Map

In addition, microsoft ever also tried to join AR how-to function in BingMaps before, although did not resemble Apple,show other system manufacturer kind active, but the absent in also wanting to compete in AR application.

From the point of the example of Google and Microsoft, function of map AR navigation will be a focal point that the manufacturer cuts AR function, like that Apple appears relatively weak in this respect situation, this also is why Apple is met considerably overhaul AppleMaps, the purpose allows competitor of try hard to catch up of oneself map function, also to will come function of navigation of OK and integrated AR, let feeling of 3D of postposition of IPhone of new 2020 fund measure a function to have value more, establish Apple to be in the development advantage of AR domain.

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