It is ministry of career of the Ixia below banner of heart science and technology can go up in OCP 2019 peak hand in hand Snaproute demonstrates the nimble, network that can upgrade continuously

The IxNetwork test solution of Ixia uses network of Snaproute Yun Yuansheng (network of test and verify of operating system of Cloud Native Network) is updated

On March 18, 2019, beijing — it is company of heart science and technology (NYSE: KEYS) announces now, opening computational project (peak of OCP) whole world is met on, the operating system of Yun Yuansheng network that is the IxNetwork platform that heart science and technology demonstrated ministry of career of the Ixia below company division and Snaproute (if CN-NOS) wheres network of the test and verify on the nimble, network framework that can upgrade continuously is updated. It is heart science and technology it is a lead technical company, devote oneself to to help provider of enterprise, service and governmental client quicken innovation, create the world of a safe interconnection.

Traditional network operating system is built on onefold framework, go against enterprise and its operation group to get used to the demand of rapid change quickly. Current network operating system is very complex so that be felt hard, incidental stop machine or interrupt, cause the delay of new business then, and income damage and security problem.

Dom Wilde of Snaproute presiding apparitor expresses: Present company need changes “ to the nimble, network framework that can upgrade ceaselessly, in order to make DevOps(software development and group of IT carry dimension) with network operation group can successful cooperation, accelerate character / functional deploy, upgrade and supply safe patch, and cannot be opposite the online from beginning to end, business that can use ” at any time produces “ negative effect. We and Ixia cooperate, have the aid of its IxNetwork platform, how does the CN-NOS that demonstrated us jointly safeguard the window and network to stop through eliminating machine will come true can update continuously. ”

The CN-NOS of Snaproute with modular tiny service framework (Microservices Architecture) is a foundation, and make full use of embedded Kubernetes provided taller network nimble sex, drive business performance of fast, safe, efficient application deploy and classics thereby. The IxNetwork platform of Ixia can provide extensive automation function, can last in software and hardware environment at the same time the network that test and verify is based on CN-NOS, and thorough executive breakdown is diagnosed, remove trouble quickly.

It is Scott Westlake of vice president of department of career of solution of Ixia of heart science and technology expresses: “ uses function and loophole of fast rehabilitate network newly for support, current network operation group is facing greater and greater pressure. Network software must undertake often updating, ensure even at the same time won’t appear performance issue or stop machine. The IxNetwork platform a perfect pair of the CN-NOS of Snaproute and Ixia, make network operation group can deploy holds continuation to become / continuously consign (CI/CD) work flow, undertake all-around function test and verify newlier to the network. ”

The AresONE-400GE of the IxNetwork of Ixia and Ixia and photograph of platform of Novus 100GE test are united in wedlock, make the client can be in CI/CD conduit agile ground test and verify its are custom-built the function of network and software configuration and function.

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