Is Microchip rolled out be based on PolarFire? The solution of FPGA, can realize power comsumption lowest, the 4K video with the minorrest volume and image apply

To ensure the system can capture and show information and high resolution picture, current video and image processing need develop complex computer algorithm. Because design personnel to need high-powered computation, memory and join resource to come,realize the high resolution picture with rich, vivid details, the spot but array of process designing door (FPGA) executable thousands of task, ensure data handling capacity is the largest at the same time change, become the optimal platform that achieves afore-mentioned goals. Microchip Technology Inc. (company of science and technology of American small core) those who roll out is brand-new PolarFire™FPGA image and video solution support are as high as the resolution of 4K, its bulk is cabinet, power comsumption is extremely low, can use extensively at all sorts of image and video application, other technology is having photograph comparing industry distinct advantage, it is the admirable choice that answers afore-mentioned challenges.



The solution of PolarFire FPGA series of Microchip obtains special honour repeatedly, most antedate in Feburary 2017 by Microsemi Corporation (beautiful company of beautiful Gao Sen, it is Microchip wholy-owned subsidiary now) roll out. relatively be based on memory of static random access (SRAM) congener product, the power comsumption of this solution has 50% of congener product only when lowest, not only such, they still have larger storage space and digital signal processor (DSP) resource, it is medium bandwidth (4K / 2K) image / the good choice of video application.


Newest image and video solution offerred a complete ecosystem for the client, include the integrated and comprehensive specific application hardware, intellectual property that optimizes in the light of image processing to cover, example reference design, demonstrate design and material of form a complete set, be based on PolarFire FPGA to realize the hardware that 4K resolution needs and software to design personnel to offer. This video and image are covered use double those who photograph sensor resembling a head to realize pair of 4K image processing and apply colours to a drawing is high-powered evaluate, apply to what design video joining together and static state and dynamic object insert to demonstrate, and the computation of true depth of field that is based on parallactic graph. Its are modular intellectual property is covered can offer prototype to design a function for the client, quicken a product to appear on the market time, can apply at many projects at the same time, save cost, time and investment for the client.


This still include interface of occupation standard image, a memory of the 4th acting 4 GB that supports pair of times data rate (DDR4) shine with 1 GB put, use at frame amortize and user configuration respectively. This solution offers port of processor of two-way and mobile industry (MIPI) as sensor interface, still have the high-definition multimedia port that can offer an alternative at the same time (HDMI) and show serial interface (DSI) with Yu Bing act shows, and the serial number interface that is used at broadcast class video (SDI) . Should cover a picture in still including to apply at evaluating a picture (PiP) the referenced design that detects with the brim, have the resolution that can configure and picture signal parameter. Afore-mentioned functions enhanced the applicability of PolarFire FPGA image and video solution, can apply extensively at many markets, include monitoring and Internet agreement (IP) photograph other like head, Che Zaihe wireless use household of vision of exemple, machine and medical treatment, intelligence and the other application that reach national defence domain in industry, spaceflight and aviation with shift.


Shakeel Peera of vice-president of sale of department of business of Microchip subsidiary Microsemi FPGA expresses: Our PolarFire image and video solution can be “ you are offerred one-stop service, can coming loose hot, power and space suffer in bounds environment evaluate a variety of picture agreements and development application of high resolution image and video processing. Of current application but custom-built development platform is very rare be short of, this can offer agile, the development platform that check easily and designs, it is the optimal alternative that the applied intellectual property such as stereo video develops. ”

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