Inverter of smooth hot season seeks new outlet, is smooth hot season cold whether did wintry period already pass?

The industry of smooth hot season 2018 can say was to experience tremendous shock, in Sino-US commerce attrition upgrades, fatigued and weak circumstance leaves market of global smooth hot season, the China of two big markets that promotes development of estate of global smooth hot season and beautiful national capital encountered twists and turns, it is regressive even. Lu of slippery iron of industry of global smooth hot season, order of smooth hot season steeps fall business get into trouble. Subsequently 531 new politics come on stage, the sharp change of market environment lets enterprise of domestic smooth dog days be immersed in panic for a time, market dimensions, vivosphere is farther constrictive.

Inverter is solar energy the equipment of class of “ heart ” of system of Guang Fufa cable, relevant enterprise also suffers an effect fully.

It is with sunshine power source exemple, this year on January 30, sunshine power source is released outstanding achievement is premonitory 2018, month of this company predicting 1-12 is attributive appear on the market the net profit of company shareholder 800 million to 850 million, drop compared to the same period 17% to 22% . Apparently smooth, volt industry is badly in need of new round of industry is integrated, and inverter also is facing new challenge as the core industry of smooth hot season.

The cold winter that faces industry of smooth hot season period, enterprise of each old smooth dog days offerred the measure of each square field surface.

Fall this synergism is main way

531 new politics later, the footstep that par gets online is closer and closer, inverter wants to receive the preparation that par gets online, basically be to reduce systematic cost, optimize systematic efficiency, promote project quality effort of these 3 direction.

Smooth hot season

Had dropped 5 years considerably as a result of cost cost in the past, the average price of inverter of smooth hot season fell nearly 7 into. There is a viewpoint to think inside course of study, before appearing without revolutionary technology, space of price fall of future of inverter of smooth hot season is not large. But, inc. of new energy resources of watt of Shenzhen ancient luck is advanced product manager Yuan Zhi civilian think, although drop from the cost angle of inverter itself,the space is not particularly big, but from there still is very large space for whole system. Inverter is facility of bridge of a changeover in the system, it itself can fall not only this, still can help a system fall this.

At the same time Yuan manager still puts forward to fall to basically separate a side originally, basically be the technology falls this, investment drops this, and carry dimension falls this. The first cost that is early days is reduced, basically rely on technical implementation, the 2nd should reduce a system to break match a loss, undertake reasonable super- match, the 3rd it is to pass intelligence to change a method to promote carry dimension efficiency.

Current, fall this synergism has shown certain gain. The powerful weapon that system of 1500V smooth hot season gets online as par gains ground already basically, 2015 to 2016, sunshine power source rolls out domestic head money to center group of fund of type, whole world head to string together type 1500V inverter in succession, in driving 1500V technology to get project of the person that run in the 3rd batch wide application.

As the wide application of 1500V technology, capacity of optimal economy phalanx also is in increase, and the facility cost such as ark of net of communication side transformer, annulus also can drop. In addition, after phalanx capacity increases, the facility amount such as power station inverter, transformer decreases, installation safeguards cost to reduce, circuitry of the high pressure inside the station decreases, wire cable and construction cost are reduced further, reduce cost of power station system thereby, increase power station profit.

Reduce a system to break according to what Yuan manager puts forward match a loss. In the past, because package cost is higher, occupy the half left and right sides that invests cost to the system, power station mostly according to 1: The look of 1 deserves to be designed than undertaking. Drop quickly as package cost, power station design also is adjusted for lowermost cost per kilowatt hour of the electricity generated by WECS (LCOE) principle. Emulation computation discovers, the look rises to deserve to compare inside reasonable range, the LCOE of power station of smooth hot season will be reduced considerably.

Current, power station of European smooth hot season is general according to 1.2-1.4 times look matchs than undertaking exceeding, the United States, India is 1.4 times above, japan exceeds match a design to be able to achieve 2 times even. From the point of condition of domestic natural resources, Ⅰ , Ⅱ , Ⅲ kind best look matchs power station of resources division smooth hot season to be in than parting 1.3, 1.4, 1.5 times the left and right sides. The personage inside course of study thinks generally, raise a look to deserve to generate electricity than can making the curve is more flowing, reduce the pressure moving a peak of electrified wire netting, raise permeability of Guang Fufa report.

Intelligence is changed is new opportunity, inverter moves toward content couplet development

For the operation with better efficient implementation, intelligence changes content couplet to also be in blend in inverter slowly. This raised new requirement to inverter, to know the thing with occurrent field of new energy resources in the round truly, the integral solution that inverter company needs to change new energy resources to ecosystem from single product vendor serves trader.

Have inverter only because of what there is CPU in system of smooth hot season this equipment, so inverter intelligence changes special key is in the development of the power station. In world of new digitlization the sources of energy, software platform is explaining the equipment part that the lock once isolated and departs. Supplier of inverter of solar energy of much home international developed him have platform of software of network of internal matter couplet only, interlink company of enterprise, large utility and other blame tradition to commerce client sale solar energy, store can hardware and digital service, and business antenna outspread to thousands of independent owner.

Inverter of smooth hot season

AI technology also will blend in smooth hot season gradually, incorporate the intelligent IV technology that using in successful dimensions now. System of smooth hot season will be core with inverter, change ceaseless development to digitlization, intelligence. In efficiency of dimension of comprehensive promotion electricenergy production, carry while, put up the culminating platform that integrated the sources of energy serves future.

Media of Tong Cengxiang of Xuying of president of business of can smooth hot season expresses Hua Weizhi, intelligent society is coming, new energy resources welcomed new development opportunity. And family, regard the mankind as the main component of the life, will make the mainest entry of digital world, progress as science and technology, the digitlization family that people will realize to be a center with life experience eventually wishs scene.

Xu Yingtong says: “ is inside the family, it is core with intelligent inverter, store can batteries, EV charges facilities of distribution of picket, intelligence is formed hair, store, with, dimension, great rate implements the whole system using phone with self-sufficient the sources of energy. ”

Meanwhile, inverter regards new energy resources as systematic cerebra, system of batteries of OK and effective control, electric car charges, heat to wait with cooling system, help owner and commercial client reduce specific power consumption thereby. The position that such holding the balance, opened the entrance door of a new world for inverter enterprise, created new commercial opportunity. As the elapse of time, inversion technology is siding with frequency taller, power the direction with taller, less bulk develops bigger, efficiency.

Spread is wide overseas market

Hinder to close at domestic dimensions index narrow, the market breaks through hardship, domestic inverter enterprise chooses to be walked out of in succession, increase overseas market position.

Regard global inverter bibcock as the enterprise, sunshine power supply is new movement of round of abroad layout especially fetching attention. On July 27, the sunshine power source with global shipment banner volume produces the inverter that can amount to 3GW to make base be in; of Indian put into production subsequently, on August 27, this locality is established to change integrated service center in the United States. These act are sunshine power source is strengthened undoubtedly abroad reserve ability of inventory, after service, the important signal of farther patulous and overseas market.

Sunshine power source

Keep synchronous with sunshine power source, it is the “ of before global shipment is measured 5 on old contest friendly ” can electric. On August 22, on can electric also announce 3GW is produced can inverter production base is in Indian put into production. Li Jianfei of can electric vice-president expresses on, this one layout is helpful for the market share that enlarges a company to be in place not only, did not come to this factory to return hopeful to become the manufacturing base that faces abroad outcome, it is a of radiation periphery market serious breach. In the meantime, can develop more in India can advantage, OK also better service this locality, enhance the client’s trust.

According to introducing, at present domestic inverter enterprise is in without giving thought to produce moral character responsibility of speed of iteration of valence comparing, technology, service, already still overtook gradually on technical solution abroad, want excel abroad even. Li Jianfei is sentenced beforehand, our country

Inverter business is overseas market situation flourishing, from development the trend sees future the world that overseas market is sure is domestic inverter enterprise.

Walk out of, faced nature is one country no longer brand, competition is intense degree also certainly will is more brutal. Taking the east wind of overseas market, many inverter enterprise overseas are accumulated and precipitated valuable experience, in the brand famous degree, sale distribution, this locality changed the respect such as natural resources of storage, client, sale channel, after service to hold advantageous first machine, for example sunshine power source and ancient luck watt. China enter to regard inverter as the industry the successor of summary evening, also held larger market share in major nation and area nowadays.

Cold winter period industry of smooth hot season also is a dormancy period undoubtedly, chinese inverter company is facing more intense competition undoubtedly, drop of the price quickly as inverter product, each enterprise is in seek a new way.

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