Inventory still tall, demand is weak memory price falls fear lasting to the 3rd season

Science and technology of country of market of city attune orgnaization (TrendForce) memory stores research (DRAMeXchange) points out, get stock exorbitant influence, DRAM price of contract of the 1st season falls expand continuously, whole all price already dropped even more 20% . And drop quickly in the price below case, demand was not answered lukewarm, trade to still be shown delicate, anticipate DRAM all price had be notted change in inventory finish below, the 3rd season fears maintaining drop situation.

According to DRAMeXchange investigation, accumulate the inventory water level in DRAM supplier to already exceeded 6 weeks generally in bottom of the 1st season (contain Waferbank) , and although buyer inventory water level is fastened in different product somewhat increase and decrease, but also amount to 5 weeks on average at least, exceed 7 weeks even in server and PC client end.

DRAMeXchange points out, indebted make Cheng contribution at 1Ynm, supply yuan still grow continuously, to digest inventory promptly, DRAM supplier is adopted generally depreciate considerably strategy sells; and likeness of the 1st season with stimulation, the 2nd season drops a the oldest product do not be PC and server memory, drop about 2 into, and movable type memory is indebted kinetic energy of new machine wet load pull drops lesser, make an appointment with 10-15% , beforehand appraise DRAM all price will drop continuously in the 2nd season nearly 2 into water level.

Inventory still tall, demand is weak memory price falls fear lasting to the 3rd season

Observation DRAM each application fastens the price this year to go situation, as a result of inventory water level higher concern, from last year the 4th season comes, drop with memory of standard type, server most apparent. With PC demand side for, lack stimulates shipment to measure the factor that grow this year, be in plus state of Intel CPU be in short supply in low end type still did not alleviate, make shipment depressed first half of the year form condition is particularly remarkable. Will look with solution of 8GB of module of memory of mainstream standard type, price of the 1st quarter already glided nearly 3 into, minimum price already fell in nearly 40 dollars () of unit similarly hereinafter, look into the 2nd season, all price falls detective continuously 35 yuan, the end of the year fears be faced with 30 yuan of toll-gate.

DRAMeXchange points out, server experience is uninterrupted after demand height of two years, the 1st season because inventory on the high side, add enter traditional OEM off-season, stock up kinetic energy ebbs apparently, although began in March, manufacturer of center of data of partial North America begins in succession be in harmony is odd, but whole purchases a force still not answer . Additional, show both sides of level supply and demand common stock on the high side, in already inventory is changed before restoring with demand kinetic energy, beforehand price of appraise server memory will last to drop, DRAMeXchange beforehand appraise, the 2nd season will still have 2 to become the left and right sides drop, the 3rd also can maintain with the 4th season adjacent 1 become the left and right sides depreciate space.

In mobile memory respect, the 1st season gets smartphone market demand not gross of flourishing, production year decrease even more 10% influences, action memory supplier cannot convert stock effectively, bring about the price to play detective continuously, discrete and EMCP product drop on average adjacent 2 into, market quoted price is confused. Look into the 2nd, the 3rd season, although be effect of traditional busy season to add new machine of admiral of double a group of people of same interest of Android and IPhone to get the materials ready,drive, integral demand will turn hasten heats up subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy, think nevertheless the smartphone always produces an amount to will appear this year negative grow, medium, low end the mobile phone carries a capacity on average to grow finite, beforehand appraise the 2nd, price of contract of the 3rd season will drop continuously alone drops a hasten delay.

And go with respect to price of Leakey memory in light of situation, after holiday of the traditional Chinese calendar passes, the mainland has partial chance to carry box, net on the head to connect bid proposal order to appear drive demand of grain load pull, like that after one-time bid proposal ends, integral demand is fatigued and weak still. DDR3 furnishs still below the circumstance of prep above demand, anticipate price of the 2nd season, 3 Ji Liji memory will still part to drop this year 15% with 10% .

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