Intelligence of open everythings on earth, meaning law semiconductor carries semiconductor solution to appear on electron of 2019 Munich Shanghai to exhibit

Greeting visit ST exhibits a stage (Shanghai new international reads extensively central E4 house 4108)

Chinese Shanghai, in March 20-22 day

Chinese Shanghai, on March 18, 2019- – over or across is multiple the semiconductor supplier with the banner whole world of electronic application domain meaning law semiconductor (STMicroelectronics, code of stock exchange of abbreviation ST; new York: STM) devotes oneself to to boost industry, car and content couplet net (the intelligence of IoT) is changed and efficient change, the product that will carry the world to precede and solution appear on electron of 2019 Munich Shanghai to exhibit.

Advance industrial application intelligence to change

Intelligent industry plans to advancing machine, factory and yard place network, intelligence to change, enhance perceptive power, implementation is taller can effect, dependability and security. Meaning law semiconductor masters the core technology of intelligent industry and professional knowledge, can help a client use advanced product or complete systematic solution to capture the technology is challenged.

In industrial district region, meaning law semiconductor will show the world’s banner intelligence technology, enclothe condition is monitored and forecast a gender to safeguard, the industrial application such as control of data security and communication join, artificial intelligence, sport, power management and drive.

Condition is monitored and forecasting a gender to maintain application is the one large window that industry of meaning law semiconductor exhibits an area, the oscillatory analysis plan that the spot demonstrates will use inertial with environmental sensor node, make join network with IO-Link, detect thereby the breakdown that electric machinery condition forecasts likelihood happening.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is another window that industry of meaning law semiconductor exhibits an area. STM32Cube.AI is network of nerve of deepness of DNN(of a small controller) optimize software tool, can the output of nerve network model that from nowadays the extraction in all sorts of the most popular AI frame trains beforehand, change its the DNN algorithm that is the memory capacity that applies to STM32 of target small controller and processing capability.

Meaning law semiconductor still will demonstrate a series of data security and communication join skill, the lock of Alibaba ID2 intelligence that is based on STM32WB among them is shown will reveal compositive in the Alibaba in STM32WB MCU safety of content couplet net serves; other to demonstrate to include ST54 class to apparel NFC shift pays solution, portable computer user examines device.

In athletic control and power management and drive respect, the demonstrates to taste the fluent, Jing Yin that will include to be based on STSPIN820 electric machinery to dominate chip 3D printer of meaning law semiconductor. Of STSPIN series exhibit board also will exhibit at the same time.

Advance car application intelligence to change

As auxiliary drive and the development of automatic road-sense, and car to more high-energy effect, more high-powered mix move the transition with dynamoelectric technology, truckload manufacturer and supplier of form a complete set are building car platform and car kind in new form. Regard car electron industry as banner technology and plan provider, meaning law semiconductor will exhibit solutions of all sorts of traditional car technology and demonstrate to taste and next generation car platform are most advanced technology.

Drive in intelligence area, meaning law semiconductor will reveal his to be mixed in the light of the technology that main subsystem develops all cars to the person that look around through demonstrating a car demonstrate to taste, include ADAS system and car dynamoelectric change, comfortable system, information serves automobile body and assembly of happy, motivation, drive mixes Che Zaiyu safe.

Meaning law semiconductor still will exhibit technologies of a series of banner parts of an apparatus of electric car schism, charge through exhibiting the form of the wall to reveal a car to carry, transducer of drawing of converter of system of air conditioning frequency conversion, batteries management system, auxiliary DC-DC, electric car.

Item on display of this area other includes: The fixed position of high accuracy car that semiconductor of law of video sensor, meaning and partner combination develop the new generation that meaning law semiconductor applies to driver monitoring car to apply demonstrates to wait.

Advance content couplet net to apply intelligence to change

Each other connects the interconnection of Internet agreement technology that intelligent equipment passes billion of amount to of content couplet net to be absent close to nowhere created an opportunity. The hand grasps all technology module that simplify and accelerates equipment of network of couplet of intelligent other people to develop place to need, let meaning law semiconductor ascend body the foremost edge at this second innovation tide.

In area of content couplet net, meaning law semiconductor will reveal the rich technical product that covers all sorts of application setting to combine, include to face all sorts of content such as computer of security of household of intelligent equipment, wisdom and city, data and communication join, smartphone, flat and EReaders couplet net technology.

Meaning law semiconductor will show the many content couplet network that is based on STM32G0 small controller module and demonstrate board, development of node of sensor of BlueTile Bluetooth LE is covered, net of couplet of group of model of double wireless radio frequency, NB-IoT content is developed board, the safe function of STM32L5, and NFC label and module.

The other intelligence equipment that meaning law semiconductor exhibits includes tooth brush of intelligence of induction of wireless microphone, movement, sweep the floor machine of POS of robot, intelligence and intelligent lock, wireless charge control of brightness of lamps and lanterns of plan, intelligence and intelligent loudhailer volume dominate program.

Technical seminar

Meaning law semiconductor is between exhibition period of electron of 2019 Munich Shanghai will attend / hold seminar of the following technology:

·3 month 16:3 of 19 days of Tuesday0, alexandre DA ROCHA will be in car technology day (Shanghai Pudong happy event will enter big public house 2 buildings banqueting hall) on the prospective trend ” with “ car electron makes a presentation for the theme

·3 month 20 days Wednesday 13:00, meaning law semiconductor and Wuerte electron (Würth Elektronik) will hold seminar of USB Type-C Power Delivery jointly (Shanghai new international reads extensively central E5 house)

·3 month 21 days Thursday 14:15, tan Jun will be in international is embedded systematic innovation forum (Shanghai new international reads extensively central E5 house assembly room of 2 buildings M31) the STM32 information safety in going up to apply with “ industry and functional security ” make a presentation for the theme

Other activity

Meaning law semiconductor exhibits the other activity during to include in electron of 2019 Munich Shanghai:

Day of ·3 month 20-22, come on Wednesday on Friday, meaning law semiconductor hand in hand industry tycoon, go out jointly exhibit garden of science and technology of plant of wisdom of E heavenly body (E5 house 5100)

Day of ·3 month 20-22, come on Wednesday on Friday, “ studies STM32G0 data, the interactive activity that answering question wins development board ” (E4 house 4108)

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