Intel and USB promotion organization close push Thunderbolt of USB 4   to popularize a force to soar

Thunderbolt popularizes a force to add powerful kinetic energy again. USB popularizes an organization (USBPromoterGroup) announced to be about to release USB4 norms recently, this framework is based on Intel (the Thunderbolt agreement specification that Intel) provides, make the frequency of USB wide double, realize synchronism to convey many data and video pact, also can allow with existing USB3.2 and USB2.0 photograph. The issuance of USB4 is not only great update, and the framework that its are based on Thunderbolt agreement more be helpful for Intel future promotion and zoology of the Thunderbolt that propose form is.


Career of Intel client operation group general manager JasonZiller expresses, intel is dedicated to popularizing Thunderbolt all sorts of product equipment to go up, with USB promotion organizes the first phase of collaboration, it is to be when the norms that defines USBType-C, make its can be allowed at Thunderbolt; the 2nd phase is commentate give Thunderbolt deal, roll out the USB4 norms that is based on Thunderbolt agreement.

It is reported, the main characteristic of USB4 solution includes: Use existing USBType-C transmission line to undertake double passageway is run, the transmission line that passes through 40Gbps attestation realizes those who be as high as 40Gbps to run a variety of speed; data and video pact, the total frequency wide; that can share bus line effectively to go up and with USB3.2, USB2.0 and Thunderbolt3 to photogenic look sex.

At present already more than 50 companies take an active part in the final phase that norms draft examines, the newer version that what USB4 norms is expected to release; general and USB4 norms synchronism in 2019 is USBType-C norms, its explore the bus line that covers USB4 (BusDiscovery) , set and efficacy requirement.

USB promotion organizes chairman BradSaunders to point out, the main goal of USB is to offer the most affable and experience of the person that first-rate is used, will transmit appearance of data, screen and electric power through powerful transmission line and connector solution. USB4 solution can be bus line run undertake ordering making changing, will promote an experience further through the combination that optimizes data and monitor on onefold join, make efficiency OK times more farther add.

Ziller explains further, commentate giving Thunderbolt agreement norms is an important milestone, pass through the collaboration that extends an organization with USB, enlarge Thunderbolt photograph to allow the adoption of the product, let everybody can use simple, muti_function join port; easily and Intel also realizes more innovation application for all sorts of device, bring more innovation experience for consumer.

In fact, to extend Thunderbolt market territory, intel can be persuaded again and again. Announce not only in the future the processor “IceLake” of Cheng of 10 pay the metric system will integrated Thunderbolt3, also make public agreement of communication of free accredit Thunderbolt, make manufacturer of tripartite chip OK throw manufacturing Thunderbolt3 controller.

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