Intel 9 acting processor fastens model exposure completely: Energy-saving edition 35 tile, show the main trend without the nucleus

Fujitsu(Fuji is connected) be in advocate board BIOS listed Intel9 takes the place of directly in newer documentation cruel all model of farsighted desktop processor, still have even gallop, contest raise and XeonE.

Documentation affirms, 9 acting processor are familial code name CoffeeLakeRefresh.

Specific for, new face basically includes the processor of 35W energy-saving edition of suffixal “T” , include I9-9900T, i7-9700T, i5-9500T, i5-9400T, i3-9100T, gallop G5600T/G5420T and contest raise G4930T, mix besides G5420T G4930T is UHD610 nucleus is shown, other is UHD630 nucleus is shown.

Memory respect of support, i3 and the following all highest DDR4-2400.

In the meantime, predicting moon base is controlled, of suffixal “F” show processor of 9 acting Corei3 to be able to appear on the market without the nucleus, include I3-9350KF, I3-9100F, the message before this says, still have an I3-8100F.

As to after XeonE(is incognito to strong E3 familial) , include highest the XeonE-2288G/2278G of 8 nucleuses, 4 nucleuses / the XeonE-22xx of 6 nucleuses, bear ECC memory, additional and suffixal if taking “G” , the delegate is shown without compositive UHDp630 nucleus, appear on the market time predicts is Q2 or Q3. Because XeonE offset expends class chip set to block, so average user also need not pay close attention to too much.

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