Inside course of study first compositive 4 passageways and sampling of double passageway radio frequency are sent and receive implement system of broadband of implementation much antenna

TI is sent and receive implement can simplify national defence, test and the design that measure application, the frequency limits that precedes inside implementation course of study and take up space

Beijing dispatch (on March 5, 2019) – company of heart state apparatus (TI)(Na Sida overcomes code: TXN) released sampling of two new-style radio frequency to send and receive recently implement. These two are sent and receive implement go up in odd chip first compositive 4 modulus converter (ADC) and 4 digital-to-analogue converter (DAC) . 4 passageways AFE7444 and double passageway AFE7422 are sent and receive implement have the lead frequency limits inside course of study and instantaneous bandwidth, and compare with disperse solution photograph, take up the space decreases 75% , can help an engineer be easily in radio of radar, software and wireless 5G application sampling of deploy much antenna, direct radio frequency. Be about to know detailed information, ask referenced and

Use tall bandwidth to simplify frequency program

The banner highest instantaneous bandwidth inside · course of study (IBW) : The sampling of congener radio frequency inside the course of study of prep above of highest instantaneous bandwidth of AFE7444 and AFE7422 is sent and receive implement, can help an engineer implementation is 6 times more highest data flux. The highest sampling rate of the every digital-to-analogue converter of AFE7444 can amount to 9GSPS, modulus converter can amount to 3 GSPS, but from every antenna (in all 4) go up the information;AFE7422 that sends and receive 800 MHz but from every antenna (in all 2) on the information that sends and receive 1.2 GHz.

Limits of · wide frequency: Use broadband of sampling of new fund radio frequency to send and receive implement, the engineer can come in 10 MHz more agile ground designs application inside the limits of 6 GHz.

Simplify the design technological process of sampling of direct radio frequency

• reduces package amount: AFE7444 of have the aid of and AFE7422, the engineer goes up in a device but deploy 8 antenna, realize wave band of 16 radio frequency. Besides, the engineer is OK still and direct the input frequency sampling comes C wave band, the frequency that need not pass other is changed, in the design also need not oscillator of reuse this locality, first detector, amplifier and filter. Compare with photograph of solution of traditional radio frequency, two new funds are sent and receive implement the framework can come true better but process designing sex, agile sampling option also can optimize data bandwidth.

• reduces design flow: AFE7444 and AFE7422 mix 4 modulus converter 4 digital-to-analogue converter is compositive go up to a chip, the engineer can decrease considerably adopt disperse type package making the design cycle related to test phase.

For high density application saves a space

• is smaller take up area: The radio frequency sampling of TI is sent and receive implement dimension is 17 Mm×17 Mm only, compare with the design of converter of data of sampling of radio frequency of use disperse type, can help an engineer effectively managing the circuit of 75% board space.

The circuit with more agile • board layout: Of AFE7444 and AFE7422 tall compositive spend and compact appearance can help an engineer optimize send and receive implement the positional position with aerial, make digital beam forms the aerial matrix of high frequency rate and high density.

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