Gu Ge releases chip of TPU of 1000 yuan of class, the TensorFlow Lite on brim equipment greets deploy to upgrade

Now before dawn, gu Ge’s annual TensorFlow developer plenary meeting is in California to hold. Should be grand meeting of a software obviously, be born to was born to give the taste of hardware news briefing however.

Gu Ge released two AI hardware on the meeting: The development that price is carrying TPU 1000 yuan only board the computation that; can be Linux machine learn inference to quicken is marvellous. It two replaced software to become a protagonist of news briefing.



Still have the edition of TensorFlow 2.0 Alpha that as usual upgrades of course, while version date promotes, those who issue popularity is compressed when Logo also becomes change a design.




AI model runs in mobile equipment more and more of the mainstream today, greeted 1 edition eventually with the TensorFlow Lite that goes up in brim equipment at deploy.

Coral is developed board (Coral Dev Board) is a price 150 dollars (amount to RMB makes an appointment with 1000 yuan) small-sized computer, have dismountable modular system and a custom-built TPU chip, be similar to bramble clique.



The Edge-TPU dimension in Coral has the 1/4 of a coin only about, have the EMMC memory of the LPDDR4 memory of 1GB and 8GB, installation Mendel edition Linux or Android, can have the operation leaving a line of this locality.

It does not train machine study model, is to use TensorFlow Lite to undertake inference forecast only, because this is more energy-saving than complete inn frame.

Coral can with every second the rate of 30 frame runs network of nerve of the make a present of before deepness on high resolution video, the rate that perhaps exceeds 100 frame with every second moves MobileNet V2 such onefold model.


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