Group of vessel of Quan of big the United Nations General Assembly rolls out solution of Novatek intelligence IPCAM

On March 14, 2019, the banner semiconductor that devotes oneself to Asia-Pacific region market yuan cent of parts of an apparatus sells business—Big the United Nations General Assembly accuses announce, vessel of the Quan below its banner rolls out couplet to chant science and technology (the intelligent IPCAM solution of Novatek) .

The intelligent IPCAM solution that vessel of Quan of big the United Nations General Assembly rolls out Novatek is based on Novatek newest the professional IP Camera SoC that roll out—NT9851x series, MIPS32 24KEc CPU 640MHz of double nucleus of the buy inside its, professional graph handles input of two DSP, Sensor, ISP(3A/WDR/sHDR) , support H.264/H.265 encode, JPEG encode, place frequency is made up inside / decipher, PHY of compositive net mouth, support USB 2.0 Host/Device, RTC, SDIO 3.0, and inside buy DDR3L SDRAM(512Mb/1G Mb) , 2M/30FPS~6M/20FPS(of video encode ability distinguishs according to series model encode ability) .

Group of vessel of Quan of big the United Nations General Assembly rolls out solution of Novatek intelligence IPCAM

Vessel of Quan of big the United Nations General Assembly of graphic representation 1- rolls out the plan application graph of solution of Novatek intelligence IPCAM

Intelligent module

ŸNovatek is based on the algorithm of own intellectual property that computer vision develops, ISP of use chip hardware cooperates professional graph to handle DSP to realize;

ŸFDT(Face Detection&Tracking) person face detects track;

Ÿ inputs image 1280×720;

Ÿ handles function: Can detect at most face of 36 pieces of people, inside 5 meters of limits but effective check goes out, detect speed 10 frame control every second;

Ÿ outputs a result: With (Y, w, h) outputs person face position and size dimensions, and ID of output person face. Can draw person face picture in 1920×1080 primitive image directly, export worth of person face definition, brightness, grading, output person face angle, the biggest supportable output 68 Landmark choose coordinate place, go up in person face directly draw casing;

ŸPDT(People Detection&Tracking) person entity detects track: Input image: 640×360, handle function: Support 10 people check to go out at most, farthermost can detect limits 14 meters, every second check gives 4 frame to control;

Ÿ outputs a result: With (Y, w, h) and size dimensions. Can draw person entity picture in 1920×1080 primitive image directly.

Item characteristics

Ÿ supports much code to shed;

Ÿ supports SPI Nand Flash, SPI Nor Flash and EMMC, support at the same time from SPI Nand / Nor Flash, EMMC starts;

Ÿ supports a variety of Sensor HDR pattern, for example the Staggered Mode of the DOL Mode of SONY and OV. Rich Sensor inputs interface. Supportive BT.656/BT.1120, MIPI, HiSPI, Sub-LVDS, and the mouth inputs;

Ÿ interior is compositive frequency 16bit ADC/DAC, support; of encode of AAC, G.711, G.726

Ÿ supports RGBIR 4×4;

PHY; of mouth of net of aether of 100M of the buy inside Ÿ

The peripheral interface; with rich Ÿ

Graph of the buy inside Ÿ handles DSP, can realize algorithm of a lot of intelligence.

Apply setting

Ÿ consumes kind of IPCAM card machine, shake one’s head machine;

How does Ÿ major defend plane of low cost rifle bolt, conch.

Plan advantage

ŸNT9851x has top-ranking ISP graph effect, can support two to photograph at the same time receive like the head. Can achieve H.265, ; of encode of highest 6M 20fps

The height on Ÿ hardware is compositive DDR and net mouth PHY, there is; of extraordinary competition ability on whole BOM cost

Ÿ has FDT and PDT intelligence algorithmic module at the same time, combine these two algorithmic module platform of cloud of tie-in back end or NVR can realize person face to identify, person entity is diagnosed call the police, border calls the police wait for a function. Can realize AI product be born quickly.

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