Grand sea quickens layout 5G, test site will be proposed in Xinzhu this year

   Grand sea holds start working ceremony in headquarters of city of land of new north city 14 days morning, guo Taiming did not show a body, vice-president Lv Fangming leads group director and employee delegate to undertake start working ceremony.
In 5G application, lv Fangming expresses, grand sea group above all the industrial Internet of factory of deep ploughing wisdom, future can last position is other applied domain. Speak of 5G layout, media is accepted to interview after the Lv Fangming that holds Asia-Pacific telecommunication president concurrently personally is met point out, the group is on the division of labor of 5G, design of You Honghai dominant and make, asia-Pacific report is in charge of using a service, last year Asia-Pacific report already inside lake and earthy city establish base desk, this year is to plan to build perpendicular application test site in Xinzhu.


In addition, asia-Pacific report will hold 5G to achieve Yo accelerator to achieve a group newly to open example celebration now afternoon, from global 300 in starting a group newly, single out the new innovation bit that has latent capacity, this selected group theme includes net of couplet of intelligent town house and life, artificial intelligence, 5G, content, game recreation, AR/VR, traffic, retail etc.

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