Get ready received TI BAW technology?

5G revolution is forthcoming. No matter be,seam in order to not have increase to experience with virtual reality the form is offerred faster, richer content or implementation drive truly automatically the technology of the car, it hopeful arouses a series of innovation and new service.

Of the rapid development in telegraphic industry drive below, generated the huge demand to taller bandwidth and faster data rate, need undertakes strict network upgrades. Adopt switching equipment and way by implement complex the change that the net of aether net backbone that interrelates to transmit information central core network from terminal user had produced world-shaking, arrive from 10 Mbps speed of present net of 400 thousand aether, and future is more than 1 too the aether net of bit.

The core of every 5G and 400Gbps node is a semiconductor that calls network synchronized time integrated circuit (IC) . This synchronized can ensure the accuracy of sampling information, decrease to be piled up by accident thereby injure with link.

Conduce to the implementation on the output clock in these network synchronized exceeding low shake (noise) revolutionary technology calls body sound wave (BAW) resonator.

Use at technology of timing TI BAW resonator

How the technology of clock of body sound wave that understands TI reduces vibration and simplify the design in next generation communication systems.

Graph 1 showed exchange telegraphic network ecosystem in group, include 5G among them wireless infrastructure and 400-Gbps switching equipment and the road that transmit data between network brim and its core by implement.

Get ready received TI BAW technology?

Graph 1: Exchange telegraphic network in group

BAW resonator is a kind of high quality factor (tall Q is worth) resonator, it replaced the traditional inductor that IC middling sees network synchronized – capacitor oscillator. It is the filmy resonator that one sort is like Yu Shiying crystal, place between metallic film and other layer, in order to restrict mechanical energy. What achieved extremely powerful performance as a result is tall – Q, exceed low noise resonator.

Why is this kind of function crucial to 5G and 400-Gbps network?

400-Gbps is sent and receive implement use modulation of extent of 4 class pulse (PAM-4) plan will transmit data. Clear with traditional blame modulation plan photograph is compared, plan of this data modulation achieves higher data rate on identical bandwidth. General like smooth Internet forum electric interface and electric with 802.3bs of electronic engineer association such 400-Gbps standard launchs machines and tools to have very firm emissive vibration demand to PAM-4, the one fraction allocation that shakes whole catapult only builds referenced clock to network synchronized.

Use 56G PAM-4 serial implement / solution is strung together implement (the switching equipment of SerDes) solution applies special IC supplier to ask to come in 12 KHz 20 MHz frequency paragraph inside the biggest compositive and referenced clock shakes for 150 Fs root mean square (RMS) . Use the network synchronized clock of technology of TI BAW resonator, for example LMK05318, have normally be less than 60 Fs(156.25-MHz carrier wave) compositive RMS shakes (12 KHz comes 20 MHz) , if pursue,2 are shown. Level of this kind of performance can help design personnel provide the safeguard that faces future for their system.

Get ready received TI BAW technology?

Graph 2: The 156.25 MHz that comes from clock of LMK05318 network synchronized outputs clock

Now, use medium radio about 5G, 5G new radio leaflet set the new frequency band under 6 GHz, expand millimeter wave frequency. Although under 6 GHz it is existing and long-term gradual progress (the progress of LTE) – advanced function, but real challenge is being designed at millimeter wave, among them more and successive bandwidth can be used at transmitting mass data. Referenced clock is injured (for example phasic noise) the likelihood brings about modulation signal lack fidelity, the issue is become in the taller frequency that this designs in millimeter wave and wider bandwidth character.

The feature of signal quality depends on error vector extent of the system, the phasic noise of referenced clock has main effect to it. Because more concentrated modulation plan plans to be used at 5G(at present from modulation of 256 orthogonality extent [QAM] , future is as high as 1, 024 QAM) , become stricter and stricter to the requirement of error vector extent. Accordingly, the clock of low noise reference that comes from network synchronized is optimal to ensuring systematic performance is crucial.

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