Foreground of Korea of DRAM slump in price ” a black clouds “

The basis occupies Han intermediary ” Han Xian daily ” report, the price of DRAM drops one after another, retail computer also drops finally with DRAM price 50 thousand Han Yuan is the following, such going situation comparing anticipates should fast a lot of, predict the foreground that exports this year is not hopeful also.

Net “Danawa” is compared to go up in value of Korea electron product, this month price of DDR48GBPC4-21300DRAM of electron of 6 days of SamSung is 40 thousand 8900 Han yuan, had dropped 50 thousand Han Yuan is the following, with 90 thousand 9270 high point photographs of Han Yuan will be compared last year in April dropped 50.7% .


Trade between B2B(enterprise) market a price guideline also shows the trend that steep fall, DRAMeXchange of company of the air that occupy town points out, of the DDR48Gb by Feburary fixed trade the price is compared with dropped this year in January 14.5% , this is afterwards dropped January 17.24% later, the history the 2nd drop greatly. The “ that DRAM market experiences two months continuously is historic steep fall ” , begin DRAM price to had dropped this year 29.3% .

Such exceeding the outside anticipates drop situation, let the market anticipate more negative, although before Korea industry forecasts price of second half of the year to will begin to rebound, full year shows “ to go up low the state of tall ” , but the analysis points out one after another as a result, arrive before next year, the price is afraid rise very hard.

SamSung electron and SK sea power person operation is not hopeful this year

The semiconductor industry that price quickness drops, the export quota that lets Korea envelops a black clouds. Occupy data of statistic of ministry of resource of Korea industry have trade relations to show, the exit forehead of Korea is compared last month the corresponding period decreased last year 11.1% , amount to 39.5 billion 60 million dollar only, will begin in December from last year, exit forehead has glided continuously 3 months.

In exporting the specified number, Korea is occupied comparing is semiconductor industry greatly most, the demand of this market and price fall at the same time, bring about Korea to always export the forehead to drop, semiconductor of short duration exports the forehead to be 6.7 billion 73 million dollar surely last month, than last year the corresponding period decreases 24.8% .

The outside not only price of DRAM of pessimistic look upon, also do not value this year SamSung electron and SK Hailishi’s operation. Big house of asset of future of Korea banking group (MiraeAsset) is forecasted in transaction, the battalion beneficial of the first season is SamSung electron 80 thousand 150 billion Han yuan, compared with the corresponding period decreased last year 48% . Also mention in transaction, dropping semiconductor price and defer the demand of answer , the battalion of semiconductor branch closes beforehand appraise value may be reduced again.

The analysis also points out, to SK Hailishi’s blow is met bigger. With have mobile phone, home appliance to wait multivariate the SamSung electron of business is different, SK Hailishi only essence of life at semiconductor domain. Prospective asset big house is forecasted, SK the battalion beneficial of the first season is Hailishi this year 1 trillion 30 million Han yuan, than last year the corresponding period decreased 7 into.

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