EDGE strength feeling measures man-machine interface technology to offer bigger competition advantage for smartphone manufacturer

British York county Richmond, on March 5, 2019: The strength feeling with banner whole world measures technical firm Peratech to announce to roll out quanta channel today compound (QTC®)EDGE strength feeling measures technical solution, can offer buildup user interface for smartphone and other and mobile equipment (UI) function.

EDGE technology can be developed use to smartphone lateral, make its make the input range that manufacturer can configure, more and main function can get when allowing an user to hold facility with single hand in naturally. When although protection is had in equipment,be being covered, this technology still can be used, and can eliminate what capacitance type touchs screen to may appear touch by accident.

The user is passed increase grip, can dominate Jing Yin, Morpheus, volume, shrink put, the function such as scroll or urgent call, and need not change the posture that holds facility. Although the user is wearing a glove, also can accomplish this, ability of this kind of improvement single hand operation means equipment to be able to decrease decline, the user is fewer abstracted, undertake easily controlling through be based on the menu of use environment at the same time.

In the flank of the smartphone the design is touched accuse the surface to be able to eliminate schism type pushbutton, allow stylist to achieve better equipment appearance, thereby dislodge equipment manufacturer can realize the design with more frivolous, lower cost, it is more easy to make equipment moistureproof through eliminating physics to receive a point.

Bag of solution of interface of QTC EDGE man-machine contains a series of high reliability that are based on technology of Peratech patent QTC sensor, machine can have in the crucial area of smartphone brim compositive. Besides technology of QTC EDGE sensor, the design that Peratech still can be EDGE solution and compositive the support that provides Gao Shuiping, include fast prototype design and embedded the adjustment of electronic equipment and sensor.

Peratech is brand-new development board and application are covered (Application Suite) software can help design personnel have the real time calibration, signal adjustment, confluence with other equipment sensor, linearization and sign / the movement is caught, reduce design complexity in order to help, shorten the product appears on the market time.

Jon Stark of Peratech presiding apparitor comments on: Our client feedback makes clear “ , reducing development time and respect of experience of implementation appreciation user, EDGE technology and Peratech application are covered combination is a kind of plan that can change game regulation truly. Although we are original target market is a smartphone, but we predict this technology future will be used at can appareling equipment (if fitness is tracked implement) the market such as peaceful board computer, make manufacturer can be on all equipment in a kind of product implementation is very intuitionistic the man-machine interface that agrees with height. ”

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