Dynamical cell installation amount occupied global first place 2018, what kind of show do the 2019 meetings of peaceful heart times have?

Peaceful heart times is released outstanding achievement wall bulletin said 2018, realized business income 2018 twenty-nine billion six hundred and eleven million yuan, grow 48.08% compared to the same period; Implementation vest in appears on the market the net gain of company shareholder 3.579 billion yuan, drop compared to the same period 7.71% ; Unless,implementation is buckled regular the vest in after increase and decrease appears on the market the net profit of company shareholder 3.111 billion yuan, grow 30.95% compared to the same period. Add high fast alone horny animal how is refine become? Look together.



Above all, cent quarter looks, four quarters buckle blame net profit 1.126 billion yuan, glide compared to the same period 12.95% : Four quarters company realizes battalion to receive ten billion four hundred and seventy-five million yuan, grow 30.52 % compared to the same period, annulus comparing grows 7.15% ; Profit of net putting in a mother ‘s charge 1.2 billion yuan, drop compared to the same period 8.19% , annulus comparing drops 18.21% ; Buckle be not profit of net putting in a mother ‘s charge 1.126 billion, glide compared to the same period 12.95% , annulus comparing glides 12.57% . 4 quarters buckle blame net profit to lead annulus to come than reducing 2.4 percent 10.75% . In addition, in relief factory of Germany of peaceful heart times, Li produce can extend project is advanced continuously, the subsidise of interest income gain that collect capital brings; Technology of batteries of replacement of technology of product of mainstream power cell, mild package is advanced wait to all need to last high strenth research and development is devoted; And collect of employee drive year end is trapped carry wait for an element to bring about Ning Deshi acting integrated charge is led relatively 3 quarters pick up. Integrated wool interest rate maintains annual of predicting Ningde times 30% levels, buckle be not profit of net putting in a mother ‘s charge to lead horizontal the four seasons to spend regression.


Dynamical cell installation amount occupies global first place firmly, look forward to of car of a gleam of is permeated in the round. Show according to statistical data, installation amount exceeded peaceful heart times slightly 2018 below the pine, continue to hold a title shipment of global power cell measures champion; Portion of home market of peaceful heart times is had rate achieve 41.3% . Peaceful heart times has become BMW, Daimule, masses, day to produce wait for the whole world to precede by supplier of the look forward to that use a car, and with home steam of one steam, east wind, north, on own car look forward to builds the main aspect such as steam, wide steam joint ventures, ning Deshi takes the place of to be permeated what realize look forward to of car of domestic and international a gleam of in the round.


Be worth what carry is, machine of first months of outfit unplugged the head prepares again 2019, income affirms rhythm is flowing. According to statistical data, peaceful heart times realized outfit machine 2.16Gwh in January 2019, home market portion 43.1% , be close to installation amount of accumulative total of period of peaceful first quarter 2018 heart, lead position is solid. 2019 national subsidy policy have not be born, product value is certain installation amount of fixed power cell erupts type grows, will make income of peaceful heart period affirms rhythm is remarkable fast 2018 the corresponding period, ning Deshi is acting the difference between sales revenue quarter will be more flowing 2019, outstanding achievement hopeful greets peaceful heart times first quarter high speed grows, annual predicts shipment measures 40gwh, add 60% above.


Sea cleans out sand only then see gold. Passed 2018 accumulate, 2019, day of masses of the steam on form a complete set of peaceful heart times, one steam masses, east wind produces the dynamoelectric version that waits for model of fuel of sell like hot cakes, be benefited directly joint-stock model is dynamoelectric turn tide, share of market of domestic power cell exceeds 40% , bibcock position is solid. The financing after appearing on the market is easier, be helpful for solving the capital problem in outspread process.

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