DRAM of beautiful smooth reduction in production drops will convergent

DRAM price drops continuously since this year, beauty of memory big plant announced recently solely reduction of output. General manager of South Asia branch Li Peiying yesterday (22) day attends congress of academician of Taiwan semiconductor industry to express, it is openly influence of course to integral industry, no matter short-term effectiveness has how old, also meet for a long time on behalf of the industry rational competition, this is the most principal port. He anticipates, the extent that DRAM price glides, ought to the opportunity narrows stage by stage in the 2nd season.

When does DRAM price invert pick up, li Peiying thinks to still need to watch a period of time again.

He says, market peak period is since the 3rd season, include different product domain to enter traditional peak period, if act sex of memory, consumption, standard type and servo implement wait with memory, be about to observe busy season has the much flourishing, rate that drives inventory to use up now, and the action that each supplier takes, look at present market supply and demand can tend gradually evenly.

DRAM of beautiful smooth reduction in production drops will convergent

Li Peiying is mentioned, south Asia division improves competition ability hard continuously, predict to want to solicit gift this year 300 people, belong to normal and supplementary circumstance, annual probably about the same, enter in staff of field of research and development this year with the meeting is some more.

South Asia division in last few years expression of Chan Jimao interest rate, with 2016 of the 2nd season 28% for low, later as market all the way upgrade, interest rate of wool of the 3rd season was as high as 58.9% last year, the 4th season just glides 52.9% . South Asia division earned more than 39.3 billion yuan greatly last year, every pure profit is 12.8 yuan, amalgamative in Feburary battalion closes before this year it is 7.653 billion yuan, year decrease even more 3 into.

Market country science and technology anticipates, DRAM price from 2018 the 4th season begins to drop, this drops situation fear will continueing 4 season above, the likelihood goes all the way drop to this year the 3rd season. But reduction of output of big plant incline to, the stage accumulates the bibcock such as report to also value new applying to drive memory demand, not long ago group achievement of couplet president Pan Jian anticipates, industrial boom cold winter is in probably the 2nd season sees dawn this year.

Was faced with last year besides traditional DRAM cheapen outside pressure, because demand of mobile phone market is low,confuse, store model show memory quickly (NANDFlash) market supply exceeds demand, whole showed memory market value quickly to drop last year a close also 60%-70% . Group couplet passes through the kind that raises shipment, the concussion that countervail price drops, the memory last year yuan of several shipment year add rate near 60% , battalion closed to still maintain the level that chooses close high with the year before last year last year, every profit amounts to 21.91 yuan.

Pan Jian is become express, show the state of unbalance of supply and demand of memory market quickly at present, already got the attention of upriver former plant, and gradually crimple capital endowment piece, anticipate industrial boom cold winter is in probably the 2nd season sees dawn this year, the price will answer firm very consummate raise gradually.

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