Does home appliance of frequency conversion of block up of the price, technology blossom in the round?

Competition of home appliance market is more and more intense, but high end changes requirement very Anacreontic, and the key that frequency conversion technology became enterprise climb height.

It is good that home appliance market receives policy benefit

Although home appliance market obtained growth 2018, and share of market of homebred home appliance is higher and higher. Review the home appliance market 2018, card of home made product showed exuberant vitality. No matter be market of traditional everybody cable, still waiting for the rising market that is a delegate with machine of dishwasher, broken wall, share of brand of home made product is in rapid dilate. Market of traditional everybody cable, be like market of air conditioning, freezer, washing machine, share of brand of home made product was achieved respectively 90.8% , 76.8% , 63.8% .

Some home appliance engineer is right old bit ” semiconductor device application ” proud the earth’s surface shows the reporter, chinese home appliance is to commercialize one of markets with most intense competition, and Chinese home appliance shows tough struggling spirit, obtained very good result, and unlike is other industry of “ fool ” .

But this remains the same unpleasant attack by surprise the declining tendency of cannot recover after a setback, go 5 years, whole of industry of domestic home appliance is low fan.

For this, on January 8, national hair changes appoint of vice director Ning Ji expresses, the country will enact the measure that the heat product such as a stage stimulative car, home appliance consumes this year.

Does home appliance of frequency conversion of block up of the price, technology blossom in the round?

To this, report of China emperor hutch sells general manager Cai Xiaojun still very glad, level of “ our company also has not received specific detailed rules, had not expected detailed policy to come on stage, we beforehand appraise country may buy a respect to undertake allowance in improvement product, this also catered to the 19 appeals that give birth to lively demand about satisfying people happiness greatly, also be the response that reforms to national supply side. Especially to the home appliance market that becomes silent relatively at present character, in confidence carry brace up on have very big effect. ”

Raise child Fang Zhao of air conditioning vice-president also approves this kind of notion: “ improvement demand is new point of growth! We welcome industrial policy of the country, this meeting is in short-term inside exciting growth. But from will for a long time look, the development of the enterprise still relies on character, service and innovation! ” his proposal, before the country publishs policy about the branch, should absorb the experience previously, avoid once when policy of home appliance go to the countryside is carried out, very much opportunistic brand borrows the raise on situation, but do not have safeguard because of its product and service eventually, harm consumer interest finally, also should avoid to once had appeared at the same time, superfluous produce can continue to expand, create socioeconomy resources waste.

Nevertheless, old bit ” semiconductor device application ” the reporter is covering a process in, many home appliance enterprises are mirrorred, the hope reduces market intervention as far as possible, the hand that uses the market goes adjusting.

Foreground of frequency conversion home appliance suffers fully value

Because the market is more and more saturated, concentration is spent taller and taller, competition is more and more intense, because this high end turns the tide that develops for home appliance, and the key that frequency conversion technology is market of enterprise conquer high end.

Because frequency conversion home appliance can work according to oneself the circumstance is self-adjusting power source frequency, already achieved the result of energy-saving province report, and accept broad consumer and enterprise favour. At present frequency conversion technology has been on the product such as air conditioning, freezer, washing machine, microwave oven embark, frequency conversion home appliance depends on easy of energy-saving, promotion to wait for character to participate in the market to compete moderately.

Of former beauty electronic-controlled Luo Zhifeng of hardware development engineer thinks prospect of market of frequency conversion home appliance is very good, each fractionize domains need frequency conversion technology quite. Sea letter is electronic-controlled engineer Chen Jihua thinks in the near future frequency conversion home appliance still has very large market space. Year after year is raising annals headroom survey sends engineer Yu Menglin to also think the market of frequency conversion home appliance has an amount.

Sea Er strategy purchases Li Guowei to think, the look of things of development of market of frequency conversion air conditioning is at present good still, but other home appliance products seem to did not popularize frequency conversion technology. And ministry of sea letter air conditioning is senior manager Chen Jianbo thinks, frequency conversion home appliance just just starts. Of Chinese air conditioning retain the amount is very large, a few this years time was not replaced completely at all, replaced only at most 20% .

Does home appliance of frequency conversion of block up of the price, technology blossom in the round?

Frequency conversion home appliance relies on frequency conversion technology to implement tall function and the core change that omit report, bring control function thereby good, long life is changed, safety is changed, Jing Yin is changed, province report is changed wait for a lot of advantage. Frequency conversion technology promotes the product Xiang Zhonggao to carry a territory, the normal state that urging a product to transfer towards high-quality goods is acting important role in change.

To this, yu Menglin also thinks, be in energy-saving the control respect with temperature, frequency conversion technology wants the air conditioning deciding frequency of prep above tradition.

Zhu Shiming of industrial general manager points out Heng Yi, decide machine of frequency type pneumatics to increase when capacity commonly the biggest when, can increase because of using wind force and make pressure is reduced, and function of pneumatics of frequency conversion type reacts use wind force changes in real time, make its pressure stability is maintained inside 0.1kg/cm2, in order to reduce the loss of the sources of energy of because of pressure change generation, achieve utilization rate of the biggest efficiency.

Machine of pneumatics of frequency conversion type is the change that the basis compresses air wastage, and the rotate speed that changes motor and empty press, come to those who reduce power energy resources use up, drop when air wastage when 30% above, reduce motor rotate speed and decrease reduce airy output, reduce the sources of energy to use up then, aircraft of pneumatics of type of firm application frequency conversion is quite general already.

Take the lead of frequency conversion air conditioning

From the point of competitive circumstance, performance of it may be said of frequency conversion air conditioning is outstanding. Be in the beauty, dragon of division of letter of Er of division force, sea, sea, annals is advanced advance of domestic mainstream enterprise energetically below, price of frequency conversion air conditioning goes low ceaselessly, sales volume goes tall quickly. The waits for an enterprise combination that frequency conversion washing machine is in sea Er, 3 ocean, beauty is driven below, also appeared to accelerate all-pervading trend.

It is reported, the turnover permeability of frequency conversion air conditioning is 72.3% , the turnover permeability of frequency conversion washing machine is 57.7% , frequency conversion freezer is only 43.6% , far under air conditioning, washing machine, the vacuum of frequency conversion popularity rate of prospective freezer is giant, as the aggravate that freezer market competes, the frequency conversion that send force will be the inevitable choice of mainstream brand.

Zhong Yikang data shows, be in 4 years of in the past, sale of air conditioning of one class frequency conversion takes the trade of frequency conversion air conditioning promote scale every year to all be in 15 percent above, and in light of the state that promotes according to place and big data analysis, 2019-2020 year will be air conditioning of one class frequency conversion popularize a particular year.

The sea believes general manager of company of home appliance air conditioning to fasten Qing Feng to express, associate with of air conditioning of division dragon brand already took the lead in 3 years be inside course of study advocate push one class frequency conversion double efficient air conditioning, be in nowadays for healthy, intelligence and energy-saving and during the consumptive tide that buys sheet is lifted flourishingly, company make “ division a surname, it is the new brand fixed position of air conditioning ” , the division dragon air conditioning that will drive the sea to believe home appliance is on new journey again.

Does Taiwan Fuji connect: of Cai Zhiyang of general company general manager? ?019 of instruct of  of Zheng of  of salary of plutonium of Nie of Ji of ⒈ of Jing of  of patch up La year stage of sale of air conditioning of family expenses frequency conversion counts what can maintain 5%-10% to grow, turnover can increase 20% .

Does home appliance of frequency conversion of block up of the price, technology blossom in the round?

Freezer, washing machine, TV accelerates frequency conversion rhythm

Frequency conversion freezer, washing machine and TV gain ground at present slow.

In freezer domain, the freezer business development of our country goes day of power consumption only the super and energy-saving freezer of 0.22 kilowatt hour, the energy-saving character that this also lets frequency conversion freezer is insufficient dash forward show, add its not to have price advantage at the same time, market self-identity is accordingly insufficient still.

The turnover market share that frequency freezer decided on the line 2018 was achieved 72.98% , be in nevertheless add fast on, the expression of frequency conversion freezer wants freezer of far good Yu Dingpin, former turnover amplitude was achieved 45.7% . Frequency conversion freezer is narrowing the turnover with the freezer that decide frequency occupies ratio to be apart from quickly.

And frequency conversion washing machine is sold also all the time market of high end of be confined to. Academy of look up industry monitors data to show before, in June 2018 portion, amount of washing machine sale in domestic market achieves 4.565 million, grow 63.9% compared to the same period. Among them amount of sale in domestic market of frequency conversion washing machine is 1.161 million, grow 58.4% compared to the same period.

Although early before manufacturer has rolled out frequency conversion TV, but because fine is led,wait for a problem however at that time and disappear from the scene. And near future Kang Jia rolls out R1 of frequency conversion TV, push frequency conversion TV masses view again in.

Huang Chunchun of manager of product of TV of frequency conversion of series of Kang Jia R1 thinks, r1 of TV of health beautiful frequency conversion brings change “ to inspect the force of ” bound in process of color television development, use brand-new the liquid crystal TV of technology of generation frequency conversion, have advocate chip frequency conversion, be in a poor light frequency conversion, screen frequency conversion 3 old techniques, can increase refresh frequency effectively, contrast of real time change, be in a poor light adjust frequency, implementation draws qualitative promotion, energy-saving effect, accord with Kang Jia the requirement to frequency conversion TV.

In the past, the price is high the key that is development of home appliance of block up frequency conversion. To this, luo Zhifeng divulge, the price of frequency conversion product is being improved, have change slowly next. Chen Jihua indicates approval to this: “ as gain ground gradually, its cost is being reduced gradually. ”

Li Guowei explained why frequency conversion technology is current the reason of a home appliance of high end of be confined to. Home appliance enterprise wants a foundation product cost, go considering the purchasing power of consumer, home appliance of relative to character frequency conversion because cost is higher, the comparison of high-end consumer can be accepted. “ expects a factory to do in all only now, undertake to the price and cost corresponding adjustment is mixed improve. ”

Yu Menglin thinks, frequency conversion home appliance needs to reduce control program cost. Although frequency conversion specifications is rising now, but cost or on the high side a few.

The technology is immature

And Chen Jianbo thinks, technology of frequency conversion home appliance is better than deciding frequency, the price is high it is reasonable, but promotion not do one’s best follows a technology immature relative, frequency conversion home appliance gives trouble easily.

Yu Menglin also thinks, frequency conversion home appliance should consider dependability above all, because opposite for the fault rate of frequency conversion technology is a bit higher still, dependability rises even.

Yang Xuanhua of long rainbow engineer points out, frequency conversion technology has not matured completely, issue of a lot of technologies has not been done calm. I pour “ not to feel the problem of the price, ground of conduct propaganda of frequency conversion home appliance is at present very good, but the result that did not say to achieve conduct propaganda truly among actual application. For instance frequency conversion air conditioning a hour for a time report, but it is far more than when applying actually, those who rectify a function to the user experiences and perhaps did not say truly is so good. ”

Be enslaved to be enslaved to of frequency conversion technology person

Causing one of causes with high price of frequency conversion home appliance is technology of homebred frequency conversion is backward.

Stephen Chang of vice-president of semiconductor MOSFET product line points out AOS10000 country: “ begins from the success of air conditioning of frequency conversion type, more and more electric home appliances<gj for example washing machine and freezer begin to make product of frequency conversion formula, had had specific definition and feature as a result of power source and environment of electric equipment product at the same time, this one tendency of the market will drive IGBT and IPM to grow quickly energetically.

Frequency conversion controller basically includes IC to control part and share of electric power changeover. Latter core is inversion part, use compositive IPM power module normally in order to raise dependability. And responsible electric machinery controls IC control share and overall the system controls two shares. At present the control IC on frequency conversion controller and power module exist the insecurity offerring money of different level.

Home appliance is overall the manufacturer obtains frequency conversion controller to have a few kinds of kind normally: The first kind, overall the general electric machinery that the manufacturer buys the company such as lucky Sa, TI controls IC, oneself develop; of law of nuclear mental arithmetic the 2nd kind, chip manufacturer offers electric machinery to control IC, by chip plant or tripartite and algorithm of core of research and development of cooperation of home appliance company, the periphery circuit; of controller of frequency conversion of development of home appliance business the 3rd kind, it is by company of controller of professional frequency conversion overall the enterprise devises plan.

Current, a few in what proprietor of an enterprise of small home appliance should use is the 3rd kind of means, buy frequency conversion controller from manufacturer of controller of professional frequency conversion directly namely. Enterprise of domestic big home appliance uses the 2nd kind of means more, be like the United States cooperate with IR, sea letter and NEC semiconductor cooperate, mark is high with meaning law semiconductor (ST) collaboration …… does not pass, they are in with contract of big chip manufacturer while, often also can a few products cooperate with manufacturer of controller of professional frequency conversion directly.

Frequency conversion technique is main in the past by day endowment company place masters, this also caused frequency conversion technology to be in our country the market ten years, popularize speed slower. From the point of development direction of the technology, the energy-saving function be obvious to all of frequency conversion, already made the necessary evolution way of technology of prospective home appliance.

On market of our country home appliance, inside endowment the dimensions advantage of the enterprise is clear, mastered main market share and speech authority, frequency conversion home appliance should come true revolutionary gain ground, premise is inside endowment the enterprise needs to break technical barrier.

Association of report of the state in occupying the data 2017, ice of sky of “ of home appliance of our country white washs ” the quantity has exceeded year of 3 produce and sale 300 million, among them the demand of module exceeds 150 million. Tao Yi of standing vise general manager expresses core smooth moist, market of module of white home appliance can attain the hundreds of scale of 100 million, but at present domestic self-sufficiency rate is less than 10% , 90% above rely on foreign entrance.

Recently, xiamen core smooth moist captured difficult problem of an another chip production technology, take the lead in in home research and development succeeds and the IPM module of lubricious home appliance of Yu Bai of applicable of batch put into production, became domestic head home to realize “SiC IPM” to estimate the business that produce, it is current home’s advanced carborundum IPM product line.

Zhuo Tinghou of president of core smooth moist expresses, industry of our country semiconductor is faced with the technical camp of the developed country and stability for a long time to offer the menace of goods, how to break the current situation of person of be enslaved to be enslaved to, find the breach that health of industry of our country chip develops, made the ongoing way of Chinese semiconductor industry and enterprise.

Energy-saving, miniaturization becomes way of research and development

As domestic and international code more and more severe exacting, earnestly needs to reduce the systematic specific power consumption of home appliance, be specific power consumption of electric machinery of with a view to above all reduce. Among them the key that the control of frequency conversion technology will be development. Toshiba electron (China) one favour represents remaining part of minister of draw together of all of limited company technology, to home appliance product, relative to at MCU oneself power comsumption character, the power comsumption with overall product more user place attention.

Ying Feiling thinks, the period that once switch on the mobile phone to be able to move amain only,their newest power semiconductor ended home appliance, came true energy-saving, efficient with environmental protection. Future, frequency conversion technology matchs the bid that makes home appliance.

Ying Feiling rolls out CIPOS™The IM512 with Mini familial product and IM513 series. They are to take the lead in compositive CoolMOS™The) of module of power of efficient IPM(intelligence of MOSFET, have outstanding electron property. This are brand-new the power source efficiency that IM51x IPM conduces to the application such as the compressor that optimizes such as electric home appliances<gj, pump or fan.

And the development trend that miniaturization also is future. What afterwards exhibited to be used at frequency conversion home appliance last year is small after enclosed SLIMDIP-S/SLIMDIP-L, electric machinery of 3 water chestnut exhibited this year smaller enclosed surface sticks outfit IPM. Surface of electric machinery of 3 water chestnut sticks outfit IPM to apply to the inverter system such as drive of electric machinery of fan of family expenses air conditioning, the optimization that configures through citing a base at the same time and IC of embarking drive control and all sorts of protection functions, the help realizes the miniaturization of inverter system, raise a design to be spent freely.

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