Dialog semiconductor company boasts for Hua Weirong wireless earphone offers FlyPods frequency and can configure set of mixture signal chip

5 Dialog IC are leader of product of consumptive assonance frequency China earphone of bed really wireless stereo provides speech control and power source

Chinese Beijing, on March 5, 2019–Height is compositive and custom-built and can configure power source of power source management, AC/DC changeover, charge and company of semiconductor of Dialog of supplier of technology of blue tooth low power comsumption (German stock exchange trades code: DLG) announced a few days ago, its frequency and can configure mixture signal IC(CMIC) by China place of earphone of really wireless stereo uses bed newest and honorable FlyPods.

Dialog SmartBeat™Chip of DA14195 system level (SoC) by compositive in every FlyPod earphone, receive collect of one antonym sound repeatedly (VPU) sensor. Piece go up processor of frequency number signal (DSP) and ARM®Cortex®-M0 small controller uses the speech control that offers extremely low power comsumption, high accuracy rate. The vibration of the generation when the system through ear through measuring speech will detect when does the person that adorn issue speech order, the speech user interface that although also can move in noisy environment,offerred.

Of FlyPods of Hua Weirong boast charge the GreenPAK that the respect configured Dialog™IC, to charge the electric line of force that low cost provided between box and every earphone corresponds solution. Used 3 GreenPAK IC in all, among them two are used in two earphone respectively, still one is used at charging box.

Senior vice president of Dialog semiconductor company holds Sean McGrath of general manager of connection business department concurrently to express: “ China need of bed earphone of really wireless stereo is controlled without seamed speech and batteries charges, in order to satisfy today the demand of consumer. Dialog and China bed engineer group cooperates cheek by jowl, the chip set that realized height to optimize solution, provide these crucial performance faultlessly. Hua Weirong boasts FlyPods card understands Dialog to be very low power comsumption and the capability that the equipment of small size offers solution of much chip system. We are very glad China choose to be in its product compositive our chip. ”

The newest application that Hua Weirong boasts FlyPods is Dialog DA14195 comes true, DA14195 is to be active earphone kind the IC of platform of open mode frequency that apply and designs. It used chip of small-sized brilliant round class to enclose (WLCSP) , have extremely low power comsumption and outstanding processing property. It consumed assonance frequency market to provide performance of high-end major earphone for large quantities of quantities, include environment and echo noise to eliminate, fictitious surround sound and speech control.

Through using GreenPAK CMIC, honorable FlyPods also used the blame with efficient economy to break sexual memory easily (NVM) can configure CMIC parts of an apparatus, can help innovation engineer be in odd a chip is medium compositive and a lot of imitate and systematic function, reduced place to require element at the same time amount, contractible occupy board dimension, reduced power comsumption. The GreenPAK Designer software of use Dialog and GreenPAK development are covered, design engineer can be founded quickly and configure circuit of custom-built mixture signal.

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