Data shows CPU shortage and GPU overstock bring about PC sale to glide

A of IDC new report is forecasted, include traditional PC and flat computer inside equipment of global individual computation (PCD) market will go now to slip this year, this kind of trend will last to 2023 at least. Last year, study company IDC report says, volume of shipment of PC of the 2nd quarter experienced what come 6 years to grow compared to the same period first 2018. However, final, whole market of a year is in glide, partial reason is Intel CPU shortage. Although be improved somewhat, but predict these problems will continue block up the growth of this industry, be in especially respect of amount of introductory class facility.

Data shows CPU shortage and GPU overstock bring about PC sale to glide

IDC points out, game PC is faced with ” of “ short-term challenge possibly also, this should be attributed to Nvidia to still handle its superfluous graphic card memory in effort, this is to increase the result that close currency market breaks down and price of check of its admiral RTX holds high. The report predicts, PCD market is in will atrophic 2019 3.3% , predict to will last to 2023, at the appointed time volume of PCD market shipment will fall from 391.1 million reach 372.6 million, compound year increase rate is – 1.2% .

Although arrive from now 2023, traditional PC sales volume predicts to will drop 0.4% , but what whole glides is very big one part comes from flat computer, predict to drop 4.4% . But, IDC is forecasted, 2 add up to 1 equipment to be in in the near future shipment volume will rise 4.6% . IDC predicts business uses PC market to will appear 2019 small glide, but business is forecasted with volume of notebook computer shipment rise somewhat. IDC complement says, because be opposite,the patulous support of Windows7 is about to end, the client will complete many Windows10 migratory project this year.

IDC expresses, although PCD market still is in,glide continuously, but market structure still is continueing to improve. The rapid progress that tracks a technology as the light and 5G join, double screen and but of fold equipment gain ground, consumer and professional personage can be probable in high-end product discover a few conspicuous products.

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