Craft of the 2nd acting 7nm will measure stage accumulating report in March produce, 5nm is about to try produce

   Stage of bibcock of brilliant circle acting labour accumulates report to will begin to start in March extremely ultraviolet light (EUV) technology adds held 7+nm to make Cheng quantity produce a plan, the 5nm of technology of whole journey use EUV makes Cheng also be about to enter try produce level. Industry anticipates, the A14 processor that the apple will roll out in next year, the 5nm craft that predicts to be able to use a stage to accumulate report will produce.
Congress of current world mobile (MWC) in, what the mobile phone that many support 5G gets online uses is to connect SnapdragonX55 of Snapdragon855 chip and chip of data of 2 acting 5G high, and these two processor are by stage accumulating report current 7nmFinFET technology is made. Besides, the 5nm craft hopeful of stage accumulating report appears publicly first on MWC.

Brilliant circle generation is versed in

In the past in 10 years, dominant semiconductor key makes Cheng it is infiltration type all the time (technology of Immersion) small film, and begin from last year, EUV stands gradually advocate arena. Industry public figure is analysed, the stage accumulates electric EUV to make Cheng Jin be produced into the quantity, it is a of semiconductor industry major milestone, EUV technology can let rub Er law continues to step down, theoretic can make semiconductor Cheng advance to 1nm.
As we have learned, the new generation A13 that second half of the year rolls out the apple this year applies processor to still will continue to use 7nm to make Cheng, the IPhone that Dan Ping rolls out newly 2020 if really, the A14 processor that its carry will use more advanced 5nmEUV to make Cheng, order still hopeful is eaten to fall by stage accumulating report.

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