Core former microelectronics wears Wei civilian: RISC-V is expected IC of benefit two sides designs job

Alliance of Taiwan RISC-V industry is held 7 days establish plenary session, include university of science and technology of crystal of the science and technology of heart of Shanghai core former microelectronics, brilliant, science and technology that embed interpret, force and traffic to wait for heavyweight to produce learn a personage to gather. Develop the Shanghai core with promotion RISC-V framework actively in recent years director of alliance of industry of RISC-V of president of Yuan Wei electron, China wears Wei civilian to express, RISC-V can bring the new business chance of the source for two sides, cast off department of zoology of past Arm, Intel alone big, in content couplet net, artificial intelligence (AI) domain lets IC design a manufacturer to more expands a scope.


Increase content couplet net to assist Taiwan industry to stride artificial intelligence (AIoT) times, and from embedded CPU open framework cuts business to use the market, by director of association of technology of industry of network of Taiwan content couplet Huang Chongren is initiated, with Li Jing, wisdom into, flourishing of report of division of hair of heart of divine aegis, brilliant, couplet, force accumulating, force, embed discuss etc start a business below assistance, taiwan RISC-V alliance is held today establish plenary session.

Wearing Wei music to watch look upon Taiwan to join RISC-V zoology is, he expresses, past Arm, Intel takes PC, server and mobile phone domain seriously, and RISC-V reachs AI to develop flourishingly in net of nowadays content couplet below, be expected to design a manufacturer to offer more to expand space and scope for cross-strait IC.

He is compared, content couplet net has a fragment to change an appearance, and this seems a manufacturer to work as a guerrilla battle, can break through forestall situation, because this RISC-V is expected to be in,the influence of operation of AI different compose falls, find new CPU to produce can, find new market business chance for two sides.

Nevertheless, he also says frankly, show fragment of net of couplet of stage other people to change make the force of RISC-V cannot build up, each take each appearance, expectation can by means of if western the big plant such as data, Google and international organization join drive, cause group get together effect, bring bigger kinetic energy for RISC-V.

Be asked to whether suffer Sino-US trade war and Chinese economy to put delay influence to RISC-V by ask, dai Wei civilian is denied, he expresses, because the market of the mainland is very big, and was not affected by trade friction, content couplet net and AI market also show growing trend, and the growing kinetic energy that as it happens of this two big fields is RISC-V, because this trade war is right RISC-V impact is not big.

In addition, concern with the competition of Arm, he thinks, arm has in mobile phone respect cannot oscillatory position, RISC-V does not have substitutional idea, contrarily, he expresses both the advantage that should see oneself, and maintain long-term concomitant relationship.

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