Competition of battle of contend for hegemony of chip of MWC 2019 5G turns white-hot to see reason the most quickly next year

   5G times comes, in world mobile congress (MWC2019) go up visible clue, division of the hair that be like couplet reveals chip of first 5G modem in the meeting, appeal to seek high transmission rate; High general rule reachs 5G conformity successfully systematic odd chip (SoC) in, the platform that becomes function of 5G of conformity of industry head money. Each manufacturer itch to try, long to carry off the key of 5G for generations first machine.
HelioM70 of 5G modem chip is the 5G with couplet hair brand-new division solution, the transmission rate below Sub-6GHz environment is as high as 4.2Gbps, for industry the fastest, except accord with the standard 3GPPR15 with at present newest 5G, compatible also below the environment that does not have 5G at system of 2G, 3G, 4G. In addition, still have each technology such as terminal of carrier group, high power.
Couplet hair division shows, moving actively with Nuojiya, NTTDoCoMo, China at present wait for banner mobile operation business and equipment manufacturer collaboration, quicken 5G deploy pace jointly, predicting terminal product covers the field such as mobile, household and car before 2020.


This year relative to couplet hair division MWC rolls out 5G data chip, expect to be in 5G times is not absent, even race to control leads a position, connect the Snapdragon floating platform that publishs integrated 5G this high, it is the platform of function of 5G of conformity of industry head money, enter 5G conformity successfully systematic odd chip (SoC) in, let its 5G chip general need not receive a mobile telephone with ” means conformity is being hanged outside “ again.
Before connecting two years many high, precede a person of same business publishs X50 namely, and in this year Feburary only then after the 2nd acting X55 that announce, publish the 5G chip of the 3rd generation this further in MWC. Differ with before two edition need tie-in processor chip to be like brave dragon 855 hand-me-down solution, this integrated type Snapdragon5G moves platform general processor and modem function conformity are one, use 5GPowerSave technology, offer the batteries endurance that current user takes seriously very for the smartphone. Predict will this year the 2nd season sends appearance to give a client, predict 2020 in applying to device first half of the year.
Chip bulk is contractible the advantage that is helpful for mobile phone design and flexibility, but difficulty of integrated chip development is tall, this Cigaotong shows technical actual strength once more, the times that it is 5G delimits next important milestone. Connect president CristianoAmon high to express, connect a product high to make 5G mobile phone can be used in successful this year businessman change. Amon explains, already had factory of more than 20 OEM and luck of battalion of 20 mobile networks at present business acceptance is published this year build have the terminal plant that opens 5G chip high.
From this year MWC ginseng exhibits observation of manufacturer new product, 5G is become exhibit in field main key word, but the manufacturer before comparing this supports wait-and-see attitude more, the couplet before be being exhibited this delivers propaganda to the enemy at the front line of self-confidence of travel of division CEO Cai Li, enter 5G period absolutely next year, the company is in 5G times ministry is not backward, absent, preceding even group, because of manufacturer of this modem chip no matter how does the technology precede, conformity is many degrees tall, how to capture business a favourable turn to meet, the time place that competition turns white-hot sees reason the most quickly next year.

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