CITE sees Guangzhou: The development of estate of Guangzhou integrated circuit below policy drawing is swift and violent

Organizing committee of exposition of Chinese electron information pays close attention to development of estate of Guangzhou integrated circuit all the time, below Guangzhou city industry and informatization bureau support, on March 1, 2019, CITE exposition organizing committee walks into Guangzhou, station of Guangzhou of ”CITE of future of couplet of “IC drive car is held to recommend in Guangzhou developing zone meeting, recommend can get association of Guangzhou city semiconductor is assisted energetically. Wu Shengwu of vice director of department of electron of industry letter ministry and floorwalker of Xie Song of bureau of letter of Guangzhou city worker worker attend a news briefing and make important speech, old Wen sea published secretary-general of organizing committee of exposition of Chinese electron information " ” of future of couplet of “IC drive car—-See an industry develop with CITE ” thematic report, xiamen luck is, Fujian Province Fu Xinfu knows fighting spirit of network, Shenzhen core of another name for Guangdong Province of bright technology, Guangzhou, Guangzhou held the delegate enterprise such as treasure high to attend the meeting, still have Information Industry of more than 30 media and electron of 60 domestic Guangzhou and Guangdong area additionally relevant enterprise and organization attend this second activity.

Integrated circuit

Recommend meeting site

Wu Shengwu vice director is mentioned in the speech, be in charge of a branch as electronic information industry, also be exposition sponsor an unit, electronic department will support exposition energetically as always, appeal active ginseng exhibits industry friend look around, aid for platform with exposition push enterprise interconnection to interact, transition of Information Industry of electron of stimulative our country upgrades, promote development of high quality of electronic information industry.

Industry of Guangzhou thrust integrated circuit grows

The integrated circuit of ” of commissariat of modern industry of the “ that be called, it is the cornerstone of the new generation Information Industry such as computation of content couplet net, big data, cloud. It is the ” of bright phearl of “ imperial crown of high-end manufacturing industry more, it is one of important signs that measure comprehensive strength of a country, it is the core of the Information Industry. The country takes the lead, each district government also is mixed about the investment of integrated circuit in plan policy layout, among them the front row that Guangzhou walks along in the whole nation. Came on stage early or late " Guangzhou city urges industry of development integrated circuit a certain number of regulations " , " Guangzhou city accelerates IAB industry to develop the action 5 years to plan " , " a certain number of step that Guangzhou city quickens industry of development integrated circuit " (next abbreviation “ " measure " ”) , regard an industry as clearly the domain key of development and direction integrated circuit. The course struggles for a long time, guangzhou is designed in integrated circuit, enclose and check, and the domain such as parts of an apparatus of semiconductor device, photoelectricity came true stage by stage from do not have have, implement scale gradually. Guangzhou IAB industry plans carry out, pulled open force of semiconductor industry labor and of hair prelusive. By 2017, developing zone of yellow Bu area, Guangzhou introduced circle of first brilliant of Guangzhou city to make item of core of project —— another name for Guangdong Province, in be born city of new Guangzhou knowledge, will build the plant of 12 inches of chip that home is battalion carry strategy the first times with fictitious IDM, also be product line of the first 12 inches of chip, fill “ of Guangzhou manufacturing industry is short of core ” blank.


Ginseng of CITE of male crouch of big bay area exhibits actual strength head of a list of names posted up exhibits quotient to exceed 30%

Guangzhou bazaar appears on CITE into circuit enterprise collective

Exposition of information of electron of the 7th China be about to in April 9-11 day is in Shenzhen to be able to exhibit a center to hold. Regard domestic electron industry as one of top class exposition, base oneself upon of exposition of Chinese electron information at China, attracting the whole world at the same time ginseng of name of famous manufacturer admire is exhibited, bring newest industry to develop a tendency for industry public figure. Depend on powerful manufacturing industry actual strength, ginseng of information of electron of big bay area postpones a business is exposition all the time fundamental strength, disclose according to the organizing committee, occupy whole to refer the measure that postpone business 3 into above. City of CITE 2019 Guangzhou will form a delegation ginseng exhibit, guangzhou bazaar appears whole exposition into circuit industry. An Kai microelectronics will reveal; of processor of chip of net of high-definition content couplet, blue tooth chip, application to hold treasure electron high to will show power source government Zhou Ligong of; of chip of drive of illume of chip of net of couplet of chip, artificial intelligence chip, content, LED, LCD-TV chip, still ARM labour accuses core board, high end to check the electron of; An Xinwei such as the instrument to will be revealed wireless the ginseng that net of couplet of vast region content passes move bid to stick electron of ZETag; brilliant division exhibits a product to include group of model of LED illuminant, LED light, LED to be in a poor light tall colour gamut. In addition, CITE2019 still gets wide steam, LGD, hold treasure high, extremely fly, core of another name for Guangdong Province, resurgence, China participate in to wait for numerous Guangdong enterprise, also got the classics such as end of head of city of Guangzhou, benefit, Shan, Shan, river source is believed appoint support energetically.


Actual strength of CITE integrated circuit reveals an assemble of look forward to

Introduce according to exposition organizing committee, enterprise of domestic and international numerous and famous integrated circuit also will assemble in CITE 2019 to show actual strength of oneself integrated circuit. For example, the core chip that violet light will reveal; of combination of much money chip and cloud computation product to exhibit dispatch to will bring multimedia terminal and relevant and special software and; of referenced design platform are clever microelectronics will reveal; of product of MM32 series MCU to achieve luck to will reveal frequency result to put, converter of direct current source, batteries manages. At the appointed time rainbow of Shanghai Hua Liwei, Shanghai China, the famous chip manufactory such as the Hua Runwei that do not have stannum also can appear on this exposition. Like TCL, long rainbow, achieve dimension, Dai Er, associate, the downstream terminal manufacturer such as sea Er also can be in this exposition reveals the intelligent artifacts that is based on technology of integrated circuit ground floor to develop. Exhibit meeting the corresponding period to still will hold integrated circuit relevant forum, if industry of 2019 China integrated circuit develops property of NB-IoT of China of;2019 of seminar of industry of integrated circuit of platform of ” of fire of core of height forum;“ ,develop congress;2019 China forum of height of core application innovation. Content is rich, wonderful confused is shown.

Cloud computation

Integrated circuit is the core that Guangzhou science and technology develops not only, it is the lifeblood that Chinese science and technology develops more. The future of industry of Chinese integrated circuit, need us to struggle together with stand fast.

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