Circuit protects KEKO Varicon of product major manufacturer to appear on electron of 2019 Munich Shanghai to exhibit

Global electron yuan parts of an apparatus divides what the Ruzhuoli that sell business exhibits in Munich Shanghai electron to exhibit a setting circuit to protect product supplier KEKO Varicon reveal workbench

Europe is pressed bannerly quick resistor and KEKO Varicon of business of EMI filter production will be in 2019 Munich Shanghai the electron is exhibited on reveal its high quality control protective element too, reveal SMD much lamination mainly especially quick resistor product. The target industry of KEKO Varicon is car and industrial domain, munich Shanghai electron is exhibited is the big the main chance that shows a product to these domains.

KEKO Varicon will be in global electron yuan parts of an apparatus divides the Ruzhuoli that sell business (of Rutronik Elektronische Bauelemente GmbH) exhibit set workbench, reveal its to control protective product too. Tomaz Bojko of KEKO Varicon general manager expresses: “ we are very glad to attend Munich Shanghai electron to exhibit hand in hand with Ruzhuoli, this is us overvoltage is revealed to protect range of products on the electronic trade grand meeting that for the first time the opportunity is in this to be held at Shanghai. Our target is to consolidate the position that protects supplier of solution whole world as circuit, including EMI and RFI to restrain filter; China among them is car and industrial production powerful nation, also be the main market that we aim at. ”

Circuit protects KEKO Varicon of product major manufacturer to appear on electron of 2019 Munich Shanghai to exhibit

Chinese car and industrial domain are in the times of technical transition. China develops complete electric road actively to carry ecosystem, nobody drive car drives with use tradition electric car of the method (EV) keeps abreast of. KEKO Varicon offers the electric protection range of products that automobile industry place needs fitly, developing product of 48V car set is his 2019 to 2020 one of targets.

In industrial domain, china is determined to implement advanced automation standard in order to satisfy net of couplet of industrial other people (IIoT) and industry 4 requirements, and the rising demand that this will drive pair of KEKO Varicon banners to leave the product that has outstanding performance and quality level.

KEKO Varicon do one’s best offers the circuit of top quality level that surmounts client place to need to protect component, and have all and indispensible attestation aptitude can reach this goal in order to ensure, include ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IATF 16949, UL, AEC-Q200, VDE and CSA attestation. In fact, adopt high occupation standard of safeguard one’s heritage of strict abide by, KEKO Varicon already had become one of global leaders that approach protection, EMI and RFI to control product market.

Percy Lau of chief inspector of continent region market expresses Ruzhuoliya: “ we are honoured very much can cooperate with the supplier that has high quality product and dependability level. Ruzhuolite is not fond of the development of car domain, we attended Macao even case orchid wraps around study the cycle racing activity such as contest car. Be opposite in this car electron technology more and more in dependent domain, the requirement that we understand car engineering personally is how Yan Ke, so we take the opportunity help KEKO Varicon introduces range of products the car market with this Chinese the biggest whole world. ”

KEKO VARICON offers the wide extensive of the first of all to press protective element range of products too:

˙ SMD is much lamination quick resistor

˙ is duplex transducer (pressure quick the combination of resistor and capacitor)

˙ EMI and RFI restrain filter

˙ is high-energy pressure quick resistor

KEKO Varicon offerred the flexibility of custom-built design and possibility, satisfy the client that seeks appropriate distinctive circuit to protect a solution thereby. Connect exorbitant effect to carry out supply and consign is run, combine high quality and high accuracy, KEKO Varicon is happy to accept new challenge and item, provide overall technical support.

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