Chip comes loose heat had new thinking! Of group of Fudan University scientific research ” without seam grow ” the technology obtains significant progress

As the ceaseless development of semiconductor chip, operation rate is rapidder and rapidder, calorific problem delivers chip more become the bottleneck that restricts chip technology development, heat management is high-powered to development electronic chip is crucial. Recently, wei Dacheng group passes researcher of key laboratory of state of project of element of department of science of Fudan University high polymer, polymer 3 years to try hard, the interface of interpose phone base decorates attendant effect transistor the domain obtains significant progress. Hopeful of this working general heats up a problem to offer the new technology that base of phone of a kind of interpose decorates to solve chip to come loose.

Give out heat to solve chip problem, group of big Cheng of the Kingdom of Wei developed a kind in all form 6 nitrogen change boron (H-BN) decorates a technology (balance PECVD) definitely namely. According to Introduction Wei Dacheng, chip comes loose heat gets greatly the limitation of all sorts of interfaces, among them the semiconductor near electric raceway groove and interface of interpose phone base especially important. 6 nitrogen change the interpose phone base that boron is a kind of ideal to decorate material, can improve semiconductor and interface of interpose phone base. Consider to make clear in great quantities, 6 nitrogen change boron to decorate can reduce base surface surface roughness and impurity to flow to carrying child the influence of transport, raise parts of an apparatus to carry stream child mobility. However, 6 nitrogen change boron to heat up the potential application of dissipation domain to often be ignored in the interface.

6 nitrogen change boron

“ carries stream child the calorific issue that mobility involves parts of an apparatus, mobility is taller, so coequal voltage allots heat to heat up dissipation with respect to less; to be mattered to how to release these quantity of heat. ” Wei Dacheng explains, 6 nitrogen with common “ change boron, we compare it a piece of paper, a piece of paper is enclothed there is crack in material surface hard to avoid, the move process in having 6 nitrogen to change boracic preparation method can produce more gap, introduce foreign matter, blemish at the same time, bring adverse effect to research. And in all form 6 nitrogen change boron is complete joint in material surface, aperture is not had among, without foreign matter interfuse, more the result that is helpful for been obtain. ”

“ is in this technology of our group research and development, in all form 6 nitrogen change boron is to be in what material surface grows directly, not only complete joint, do not leave gap, still need not transfer. ” occupies Introduction Wei Dacheng, in all form after 6 nitrogen change boron to decorate, 2 Selenium change mobility of parts of an apparatus of transistor of tungsten field effect to raise; interface thermal resistance to reduce; parts of an apparatus to work significantly most high-power density raised 2 ~ 4 times, prep above has the power density that computer CPU works. This technology heated up a problem to offer brand-new train of thought to solve chip to come loose not only, have tall general comfortable sex at the same time, applicable influences the transistor parts of an apparatus of tungsten material at be based on 2 Selenium, in still can popularizing other data and application of more parts of an apparatus. In addition, the PECVD technology that uses in this research is the commonly used workmanship in manufacturing industry of a kind of chip, make this kind in all form the tremendous potential that 6 nitrogen change boron to have dimensions to turn production and application.

Study group future will continue devote oneself to develop material of electricity of field effect transistor, include conjugate material of rice of accept of organic element, macromolecule, low dimension, the design principle that studies parts of an apparatus of field effect transistor and the application that send feeling, biology to travel the field such as feeling in photoelectricity, chemistry.

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