chip business 600 million dollar sells an apple: Battalion receives Dialog this year will glide

Report of AppleInsider of media of American science and technology says, dialogSemiconductor of supplier of malic company chip announces now, as buy with the apple trade finish, the battalion this year controls this company will glide somewhat, but company odd business predicts to will appear growth.

The apple ever will announce last year in October, the partial business that buys DialogSemiconductor with 600 million dollar, enlarge the chip business that its are in Europe. Since generation IPhone is rolled out 10 years ago, the apple manages chip with respect to the power source that uses DialogSemiconductor all the time.


According to the agreement, this trades the half of value (about 300 million dollar) the engineer that is used at buying DialogSemiconductor and office, additionally 300 million dollar is the imprest that supplies chip 3 years for DialogSemiconductor future.

The before one part that trades as a result of this will be finished first half of the year this year, dialogSemiconductor predicts now, the battalion of the company closes this year will glide somewhat, fall it is “ about one digit ” , slightly good glide at what the analyst anticipates on average 9% .

As a result of,this glides is on certain level with the apple trade itself causes, current, the battalion that DialogSemiconductor makes an appointment with 3/4 closes come from Yu Ping fruit. And trade after finishing, dialogSemiconductor predicting apple will be in in the near future inside the chip of power source government that produces oneself.

For all that, dialogSemiconductor expresses at the same time, year of growth hopeful of company odd business achieve 30% to 35% .

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