China to be in Brussels establishs network safety transparent center

China for network safety transparent center kicks off in Brussels, come from each country to superintend business of orgnaization, operation, enterprise and media to made an appointment with 200 much people to attend to kick off ceremony. The orgnaization such as European Union, GSMA and world economy forum makes a speech on the activity.

In the digital age of globalization, building credit is network safety a when be faced with reality that has a challenge extremely is propositional. “ trusts need builds the base in the fact. The fact must be but of test and verify, and test and verify is based on common standard surely. We believe this is the effective pattern that faces future to digitlize a times to build safe credit. ” China for assistant president Hu Hou expresses.

China for

Call collaboration

Comprehensive cloud is changed, intelligence is changed, the development that software defines the new technology such as all, add the safe to the network lack is unified understanding inside global limits, lack system of common technical standard, test and verify and legislative support, brought unprecedented challenge to safety of ICT infrastructure network. Ensuring network safety is the joint responsibility of whole society, entire industry, if cannot answer the safe risk that increases increasingly, digital society will collapse.

To answer these challenges, china to be in Brussels established network safety transparent center, the hope builds organization of orgnaization of a government, technologist, guild, standard to wait for the platform of various and close cooperation and communication, the path that conspires to digitlize times development and safe settlement evenly.

Europe of this center base oneself upon, basically perform 3 kinds of function. The first, reveal with the experience: Reveal China for from the strategy, supply catenary, research and development, the carries end network safety to product and solution is carried out, include 5G, IoT, cloud to wait but experience, appreciable China the network safety that is product and solution experiences. The 2nd, communication and innovation: Just share with crucial interest China the network safety that carries to arrive in network safety strategy, end and privacy protection practice, be discussed jointly with industry partner and drive relevant and safe level and mechanism of test and verify build, drive entire industry to innovate in the technology of network safety domain. The 3rd, safe test and verify serves: Xiang Hua offers product safety to check the platform with test and verify and service for the client.

Brussels network safety is transparent of the center hold water, the government that indicates move China is European area, client and partner offerred stronger network safety commitment, and better cooperative support.

Standard and test and verify: Build trustful effective pattern

Ensuring network safety is China be and the cause with the interest common related side such as client, superintendency orgnaization, network safety and user privacy protection also are China bed highest business program, ” of Mount Taishan of overweight of “ network safety. China for network safety transparent center is mixed to the client independent orgnaization of tripartite test is open, the network safety standard with according to common industry and optimal practice, right China the safe test that has objective, just, independence for the product and test and verify. Safe center configured proprietary to check an environment, offer for client and tripartite orgnaization China for documentation of product and software version, technology, test environment of tool, test and necessary technology support.

Hu Hou expresses, china the care that is problem of safety of the network in understanding world of people logarithm word adequately. I believe “ , solve the right kind of network safety problem to answer only then at mutual understanding, this also is the goal that we establish safe and transparent center here today. ” Hua Weihuan receives all superintendency orgnaizations, standard organization and China can use this platform adequately for the client, cooperate closely in domain of system of safe level, test and verify and safe technology innovation, enhance the security of catenary of whole industry value jointly, drive the trust that establishs based test and verify.

“ the digitlization Europe of an open, prosperity, need is opened, with when the network safety environment that all enters. Europe had published the GDPR data with open and banner, transparent whole world and privacy protection standard. We believe, european superintendency orgnaization is likewise capable that in network safety the standard is mixed advanced head visits on superintendency mechanism. China wait for clasp of all interest related side for acceptance and organization of superintendency orgnaization, operation business and standard, drive build the trustful system that is based on objective fact and test and verify. of ” Hu Hou thinks.

PeterKouroumbashev of European parliament assemblyman expresses: “ falls in new authorization, european Union network and information security bureau (ENISA) will acquire new technical capacity, this is to promote the superexcellent opportunity that establishs the standard of attestation of 5G network safety with applicable whole world. In addition, to avoid standard of the attestation inside the European Union skimble-scamble, deal with concrete matters relating to work applies the ICT product kimono that we need pair of Europe to press a country by design and rather than other privacy safeguard. ”

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