China for two brand-new intelligent watch exposure: Will with China release with the stage for P30

On March 26, china taste a news briefing newly to will be in French Paris to hold, will roll out admiral smartphone P30 and P30 Pro at the appointed time. On the Chinese news briefing after predicting to be in, still will roll out mobile phone of screen of fold of Mate X 5G along with all the others. Nevertheless, it seems that China for this be being tasted newly is not these only.

The basis is pushed especially famous explode the report that Roland Quandt of the person that expect issues, china express to will announce two brand-new intelligence hands together on P30 news briefing. They are understandable be was last year release China the iteration that is Watch GT or derive version, cent is China for Watch GT Active and Watch GT Elegant two products.




The graph shows apply colours to a drawing, china will offer bottle green and orange for Watch GT Active the watchband of two kinds of match colors. Compare the previous generation, new fund China the color that adjusted watch ring and watchcase for watch, in addition the design that still changed flank key-press, the metal feels more apparent character.




As to Watch GT Elegant, china offer white and black to will be its two version. Will look according to naming, former more resembling is to be aimed at athletic crowd, latter is to face business affairs group, what this kind of supplement is similar to series of SamSung Gear S3 is divisional.

In addition, the change of these two watch is so not big. Both all uses screen of 1.39 inches of OLED, inside buy lithium battery, but still cannot affirm specific capacity, processor won’t have change possibly also. They still will move China for LiteOS, compare Gu Ge WearOS, its can play a gender to do not have so tall, can say to just be used quite only.

Price respect, the price of Watch GT Active is 249 euro (add up to a RMB about 1880 yuan of) , price of Watch GT Elegant is 229 euro (add up to a RMB about 1729 yuan of) .

OK and affirmatory is, china the Galaxy Watch Active that just will release with SamSung for Watch GT Active undertakes competitive, this the price of both will is close to quite. As to the strong opponent of Galaxy Watch and Apple Watch Series 4, the likelihood wants when China released for Watch 3 series.

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