CARMERA of abundant cropland collaboration is used photograph data resembling a head to be drive automatically map of high spirit of car research and development

Abundant cropland institute – advanced development company (TRI-AD) and CARMERA company announce to cooperate, will undertake test and verify of a concept together, test and verify is concerned be based on for urban road and road surface research and development photograph the high spirit that resembles a head (the concept of HD) map. This collaboration is the first pace that implementation TRI-AD opens concept of type software platform, name of this platform concept is automation map platform (AMP) , the data that union collects from the car that enlists this platform company makes high spirit map, in order to expand height drives automatically.

Drive automatically the road information with very reliable need, and this kind of information needs to be based on data of high spirit map. Although at present people is founding map of freeway high spirit, but enclothe rate 1% what still be less than global road network, next the challenge is to be the place beyond urban district and freeway network to road is founded and safeguard a map.

Drive automatically

Second concept test and verify is here medium, two company general photograph installation resembling a head to check a car to go up in Feng Tian, so that be in,future lets check a car to collect data in Tokyo downtown inside a few months. Install what go up in test car to photograph used Feng Tian like the head ToyotaSafetySense(TSS of suit of active and safe combination, the abundant cropland car that sells inside global limits installed this suit) . Collect the image that come and other data to will be on the real time platform of CARMERA from inside TSS undertake handling, with generating data of high spirit map automatically. In addition, through the installation on the car checking in Feng Tian business uses ” of recorder of “ drive a vehicle, this project still can demonstrate how to make a map automatically from other and extensive image and data origin, and this kind of origin does not deploy TSS. This process drew lessons from the experience of CARMERA, in waiting for other and complex environment through be in Newyork city with professional motorcade, CARMERA undertakes safe monitoring cooperates, collect, generated millions mile drive video.

Be united in wedlock through the technology that will use in this project and the map that make automatically and the digital map photograph nowadays, future will be possible to drive automatically car provides more reliable road information. And connect commercial vehicle of associate world each district get data in order to make high spirit map, will OK drive automatically in the implementation on all road.

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