Australian scientist uses hydrogenous atom to improve solar battery efficiency

   Australian state-maintaineding university (the researcher of AustralianNationalUniversity) is considering how to use hydrogenous atom to improve passivation to contact polycrystalline silicon of phosphor of solar battery mix into (Poly-si) filmy function.
Scientists believe, in polycrystalline silicon of mix into phosphor in the layer, hydrogenous atom can be operated to use the quality that improves passivation to contact a structure, consequently they use hydrogenous atom at the cuticular layer of batteries, this one ply is 1000 times thinner than human hair, can give out very distinctive light. Researcher realizes very quickly, the characteristic —— that hydrogenous atomic existed to change this kind of light greatly it can “ is offerred be used to the news that knows condition of cerebral cortex interior. ”

Solar battery

The research paper of scientists is published in ” applied material and interfacial science are commented on ” on. Write in the report, include transmission electron microscope (ray of X of chromatic dispersion of Transmissionelectronmicroscopy) , energy is spectral (light of Energy-dispersiveX-rayspectroscopy) , low temperature sends glow spectrum (Low-temperaturephotoluminescencespectroscopy) , quasi-steady state is photoconductive (commutation of Quasi-steady-statephotoconductance) and Fu Lixie is infra-red and spectral (all sorts of token technologies that wait inside all can use Fourier-transforminfraredspectroscopy) at the experiment. Researcher says, the batteries with initiative passivation inferior quality raises 2.7ms from 350μs, raise 722mV from 668mV.
In nature, hydrogen is put in —— with molecular form normally two atomic union are together. Research group contains the material of a large number of atomic hydrogen another kind to solve this one problem through be being placed on cerebral cortex, arrive through heating sample simply next 400 Celsius, push individual hydrogenous atom into cerebral cortex.
Scientists express, this one new discovery may bring the progress with silicon more driving, more efficient solar battery, replace traditional batteries technique likely even.

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