At latest of mobile phone of 5G of domestic head money will be released in May, chin has 1.8mm only

Although 5G network has not gained ground, but manufacturer of each old mobile phone does not let off this one stunt however, grab the mobile phone that send 5G in succession, for example SamSung and China bed fold mobile phone supports 5G network, but the price that gets on 10 thousand yuan at every turn lets sigh of a lot of average consumer express to be able to not afford. Besides China outside be SamSung, before millet before long also overseas released version of millet MIX3 5G, price 599 euro (4559 RMBs) , but the government did not announce the time that travel edition releases the country however.

China for the mobile phone

Can be by the lock only with these in vitreous safe the photograph of 5G mobile phone that look around or still does not have a message is compared, the 5G mobile phone of resurgence appears more ground connection is angry, express according to resurgence government, the Axon 10 Pro of resurgence nature’s mystery that supports 5G network will at 4, will be in May domestic put on sale.

Resurgence Axon 10 Pro carries tall Tong Xiaolong 855 processor, the front uses the screen of AMOLED bang curved surface of a resolution of 6.47 inches of 1080P, and the supplier of screen is to come from home flexible AMOLED shows screen produces Shang Weixin Nuo, screen uses OP to enclose a technology, chin has 1.8mm only.

Resurgence Axon 10

20 million sheet resembling element photographs the buy before Axon 10 Pro of resurgence nature’s mystery, postposition 48 million like element advocate photograph + 20 million like element 125 degrees of extensive role + 8 million long like element anxious, advocate photograph use sensor of Suo Ni IMX586. At the same time this machine still used the dactylogram below screen to identify a technology, 6GB RAM+128GB ROM stores combination, 4000mAh exceeds big batteries, supportive QC4.0 is filled quickly, support is wireless charge, support is retrorse and wireless charge, support NFC, those who support IP68 level is waterproof and dustproof.


Light is told from configuration, axon 10 Pro of resurgence nature’s mystery is an eligible homebred admiral machine, and bigger surprise is the homebred 5G mobile phone that this is first large-scale put on sale, 855 processor cooperate tall Tong Xiaolong chip of SDX50M 5G base band can realize 5G to get online, will divide 4G version and 5G version put on sale at the appointed time, the message call 5G version price 3999 yuan, and this mobile phone also was basked in in small gain before long before Pan Shige, from match a graph to come up looking is 5G version.

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