Armament race of Sino-South Korean semiconductor turns white-hot: SK Hailishi is reconstructive 4 semiconductor plants

Memory price drops all the way, but face China to rise abruptly minatory, south Korea memory is old factory SK Hailishi (SK Hynix) announces to plan denounce endowment zhuan3huan2 of 120 million Han (1, ) of 6.6 billion dollar, in South Korea Long Ren (Yongin) build 4 semiconductor plant.
Whole world of fine fact XQ wins genealogical all quote to show, taipei time 21 days afternoon 2:17, SK share price walks along Hailishi tall 1.32% , newspaper 76, 700 Han zhuan3huan2 (defer of Han Gu quote 20 minutes of) .
Han couplet company, Reuter covers, SK sea Li Shizhou 4 (21 days) announce, plan after 2022, invest zhuan3huan2 of 120 million Han to make 4 semiconductor produce a plant, the place is in distance head Er the Long Ren of 40 kilometers. Exceed factory of 50 domestic and international equipment, spare parts, material, also can enter be stationed in this ground, create put together effect. Dragon benevolence base covers an area of meter of nearly 4.5 million square, be expected to become the semiconductor with the greatest whole world to get together fall.
Semiconductor industry experiences two years of Rong Jing, be immersed in of late low fan. But Beijing authorities is aided financially energetically, make local semiconductor industry fast rise abruptly, china more the person that encourage trade increases the investment, dependence that reduces pair of entrance chip. South Korea government sees state, the decision enhances industrial competition ability, long Renju falls is among them one annulus. South Korea money grows Hong Nam-ki to express last week, korea government can validate this one item in the first season, in order to accelerate a process, the semiconductor armament race that expects a Sino-South Korean will more turn white-hot.


Additional, hailishi invests SK, also be to be the demand with new potential science and technology to prepare. Kim Young-gun of analyst of Mirae Asset Daewoo says, although drive oneself currently chip demand is not sufficient, he believes future 10 years, or the earliest 2023, since 2024, drive oneself chip demand will rise, can be SK sea force person chip creates more demand. Additional, in the near future 5G network business is used change, also can spur demand.
Hailishi already was in SK South Korea benefit plain (Icheon) and clear city (Cheongju) sets a shop, future will continue 10 years to invest these two factories, expand produce can. As to SK Hailishi’s China does not have stannic mill, have not decide whether enlarge is produced. Olivia Lee of this company spokesman expresses, this is long-term investment plan, strategy perhaps can inspect market change.
Hailishi says SK, after dragon plain base is finishing, the base that is DRAM and memory of second for generations, benefit plain is research and development and DRAM center, clear city is NAND Flash town of military importance.


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