Answer raise science and technology ascends an apple to supply catenary to show trend of EMS factory layout below He Shuoqi

In the 200 big suppliers with newest apple, station plant is added newly soft board factory answer raise science and technology, be and large (4938-TW) and Jing Shuo (3189-TW) is joint-stock hold water, those who hold water also is to take malic order form, this phenomenon also is in recent years EMS(system conformity is assembled) the factory ensures gain profit the main overall arrangement that reachs competition ability one annulus, and mix not only large is so cultivated, include grand of great capacity (2317-TW) and Ren Bao (2324-TW) , all also be such.

The electronic product such as the smartphone is popular in recent years, much, 0 component increase the function ceaselessly, cause assemble a process to jump over hasten nicety to change with tiny change, difficulty also considerably block up, fine rate control is a knowledge more, but assemble industrial wool interest rate scanty, if each factory can master 0 component, can accurate palm charges fine rate, reduce cost promotion to gain profit at the same time, here the trend falls, EMS factory in recent years, begin to have 0 package perpendicular conformity, PCB is soft hard board more in the center important one annulus.


Grand sea, Ren Bao ever crossed layout to produce indication face plate in the past, ren Bao invests treasure of tube-shaped part of face plate plant, grand sea is divided eat next Japanese summer general, also set plant of new generation face plate in Guangdong, United States preparing further, intentional heart is very.

Will look with respect to EMS factory, grand sea group is in soft board, hard board the overall arrangement that reachs support plate plant, have An Yu respectively (2328-TW) , attain the factory such as the vessel, attain the vessel is divided take value of output of next factory of chinese mainland PCB the biggest throne, battalion received one hundred and eighteen billion four hundred and eighty-six million yuan last year, year add 8.47% , how does island of emperor of its the Qin Dynasty, the Huaihe River reach the plant such as Shenzhen, also be in list of this second apple supplier, roc vessel also is in below the banner chinese mainland A hang out one’s shingle.

As to with large, assemble, scale of production is giant with each passing day, at present large of scene of factory of the support plate below the banner also infiltrates the apple supplies chain, rise in for generations of mobile phone of malic I8 series produce kind of Dai Ban (SLP) product; and answer raise enters an apple likewise newest announce in supplying catenary list, produce can distributing to reach mainland Suzhou and other places in Taiwan new abundant respectively, divide soft board outside, also cover soft board dozen (SMT) business, accordingly answer raise is divided offer produce can, SMT business also can capture client demand.

In addition, be aimed at PCB with large hard board industrial layout, still have already established manage old 100 large science and technology, have capability of giant PCB technology to reach likewise produce can.

Respect of benevolence treasure group, invest electron of PCB factory Jia Fu before, specialize in the business of product of thick copper PCB such as the server, already more the name is Bo Zhi electron (8155-TW) go up ark hangs out his shingle, bo Zhi is in on type of those representing capital also is added to introduce with cash after ark grind China (2395-TW) , as politic associate.

Group of golden benevolence treasure is previous also further to PCB industry more industry of cloth of upriver Bo fine invests, create the industry that build flourish (5340-TW) , recommend day of Japanese big plant east spin capital, day east spin the equity that acquires Taiwan to build flourish industry to exceed 47.65% , obtain right of administration, in the meantime, day east spin announced to build flourish in order to buy investment of means of former partner equity last year, publish in government-owned net, the Bo fine cloth that builds investment flourish to produce 5G application in the stage is produced can, as a result of day east spin gauze of fine of tall careful Bo is had to produce in Japanese churchyard can advantage, the market also pays close attention to continuously, build flourish to be in the further action of the stage.

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