An Sen beautiful semiconductor will reveal overall intelligent picture feel plan in Vision China 2019

Reveal those who get job of go ahead of the rest to become like technology and plan, solve the function requirement that wide application and sun raise

On March 15, 2019—The An Sen beautiful semiconductor that promotes high-energy effect innovation (ON Semiconductor, american accept Si Dake appears on the market code name: ON) , the China International machine that holds at was in Shanghai to 22 days on March 20 the vision is exhibited (Vision China) demonstrates all sorts of intelligence image to feel plan, item on display includes sensor of image of platform of X-Class image sensor, KAI-50140 Interline Transfer CCD, use close infra-red (the AR0522 CMOS image of NIR+) technology sensor, with sensor of image of AR0234 CMOS number.

Become as industry like the machine like application the vision detects and the demand of industrial automation is advanced continuously, an Sen beautiful semiconductor makes full use of the technical ability that its get job of go ahead of the rest and technology are in all the time the design of image sensor and function undertake innovating, in order to resolve the demand of this constant growth market.

The platform of X-Class image sensor that installs dark beauty semiconductor makes onefold camera design can support a variety of product resolution not only, still can support different function resembling element. It is XGS image sensor that reveal it is this platform first parts of an apparatus, offer advanced global shutter to become picture, resolution is amounted to 12 million like element (4096 X 3072 resembles element) . XGS parts of an apparatus combines rate of high resolution, tall frame, low power comsumption distinctly, the platform of camera of compatible 29 X 29 Mm2, can mix for contemporary machine vision detect application offers what what need to become like detail and function.

KAI-50140 image sensor shows for contemporary smartphone screen detects only and design, this 50 million Interline Transfer CCD resembling element uses 2.18:1aspect ratio, match contemporary smartphone pattern, conduce decreases detect the picture that place of full indication screen wants captures frequency. The 4.5 micron that are used at KAI-50140 (Um) Interline Transfer CCD resembles element, offer high resolution and shutter of true electronic overall situation, keep crucial at the same time into resemble function. KAI-50140 is used agile 1, 2 or 4 output numerate framework, support is as high as 3.9 frame / second (the frame rate of Fps) , and with use the same definition that cite a base when red 29 million KAI-29050 resembling element, KAI-29052 and KAI-43140 image sensor.

AR0522 regards Ansenmei as semiconductor high-powered one of parts of an apparatus of a shade shutter series, offer color and array of wave of filter of black and white colour (CFA) configures option, use MPLCC to enclose. It is a 1/2.5 inch 5.1 million resemble element (MP) image sensor, be based on a 2.2 micron (Um) back takes form (platform of technology of BSI) resembling element, capture to need to be below crepuscular condition only the industry of video of high resolution, high quality applies and develop. Double the sensitivity of the close infra-red wavelengh that AR0522 image sensor offers is existing AR0521 image sensor probably.

AR0234 can capture in the clarity below a variety of illume conditions mobile object image, it is a 1/2.6 inch sensor of shutter of 3.0 Um overall situation, have outstanding shutter efficiency. This sensor contains accurate camera function, if automatic exposure is controlled, mode of window, skip a line, jump a mode, amalgamative like element and video and odd frame mode. It can pass simple crewel serial interface process designing. The shutter efficiency of banner industry makes AR0234 can produce extraordinary clarity, bright number picture. It captures the ability of successive video and odd frame makes its are become include system of car vehicle cabin inside apply extensively not 2 choices.

An Sen beautiful semiconductor is dedicated to developing plan to be amounted to in order to help capture to lower systematic power comsumption and more high-powered image, the new technology that shows a new parts of an apparatus or appliance, can be in high speed (360 Fps) and low speed (1 Fps) runs a shade shutter sensor, power comsumption covers with tiles under 3 fine long hair (MW) .

In addition, an Sen beautiful semiconductor still will be in two become on March 20 make a speech like the seminar. Text of a speech advances the development that machine vision uses for “ image sensor”, at 10:30 to 11:00 hold in OW8 house, another is diode of avalanche of “ odd photon (SPAD) array is used at lidar (LiDAR) application ” , at 15:00 to 15:30 hold in assembly room of W4 house M6.

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