Alliance of E sth resembling a net introduces Keysight two new-style oscillograph, enlarge lineup of product of series of its InfiniiVision 1000 X further

Global electron yuan parts of an apparatus and development service cent sell alliance of business E sth resembling a net to announce to add series of Keysight InfiniiVision 1000 X newly two new-style and general oscillograph. 1000 X series aims to be offerred with low price high quality and the technology that is worth reliance, let all engineers can experience thereby because the budget suffers,be restricted to professional class performance no longer.
These two new model can offer DSOX1204A and DSOX1204G be as high as 200 MHz bandwidth, and offer 2 or version of 4 imitate passageway. Besides have standard oscillograph function, new fund oscillograph is shirt-sleeve still a series of other measure and analyse a function, collect the function of 6 kinds of instruments at an organic whole, include: Generator of function of 3 digital volmeter, 20 MHz 1, consultative analyzer 2, 3 digital tally, and appearance of analyse of a noisy part of one’s job or appearance of baud graphic representation, use at undertaking token to amplifier, filter, power source and frequency system.
The reliable technology that the technology that oscillograph of “1000 X series uses and Keysight use in series of its InfiniiVision high end is same. ”Premier Farnell and test of whole world of alliance of E sth resembling a net, tool and James McGregor of director of manufacturing things category express, “ is passed introduce two new model, alliance of E sth resembling a net can offer the professional grade that deserves reliance to measure a tool for the engineer, no matter its budget easy is close, and all can deliver goods that day. ”
1000X series includes many type, apply to the extensive user such as professional stylist, teaching staff kind group. Its are main advantage characteristic includes:
·    Provide a variety of advanced analysis tools, if frequency answers test of analysis, tolerance, FFT and section memory to wait, the analysis is more thorough.
·    Although oscillograph place have rendered great service can is in,open position, hardware is serial decipher and custom-built ASIC function also can ensure answer quickly.
·    The monitoring that local area network and USB join make check and file become more easy.
·    Buy joins gender and small size make inside its easily compositive the ATE system that is based on frame in industrial environment.
·    Free education grooms set and inside buy grooms signal, make a student OK also use as same as oscillograph of the high end inside course of study professional level user interface undertakes study.
Product of whole set of Keysight InfiniiVision 1000 X but from Farnell Element14 (EMEA) , Newark Element14 (North America) with alliance of E sth resembling a net (Asia-Pacific area) buy.

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