Achieve odd season is the biggest since 2011 drop! DRAM contract price falls first quarter nearly 30%

Be in early last year in December, price of contract of the first season began 2019 agreed, exorbitant, demand compares integrated reserve former beforehand appraise is more exhausted weak, and short metaphase economy is looked into not Anacreontic wait for an element, buyers and sellers already had 8GBDDR4 model group all price falls to 55 dollars or lower consensus, anticipate before this January contract price will relatively a month drops at least 10% , and reached the possibility that left explore continuously in March in Feburary extremely tall. In light of whole, price of the first season falls will by former beforehand appraise relatively before one season ebbs 15% expand to nearly 20% , especially with servo implement of DRAM reduce most apparent.

On March 5, according to DRAMeXchange newest investigation, because DRAM industry is worth the market of supply exceeds demand, trade for the most part already price of instead month form (MonthlyDeals) , more infrequent Feburary occurrence price is reduced considerably. At present season drops from former beforehand of appraise 25% adjust to approach 30% , it is afterwards odd season is the biggest since 2011 drop.


In addition, study company DRAMeXchange according to the market beforehand appraise, global DRAM sale is eighty-two billion two hundred and forty-seven million dollar this year, will drop compared to the same period 17.5% .

Since from last year the four seasons is spent, the price of DRAM memory has begun by go up turn drop, because the smartphone reachs the change of economic environment to bring about demand to put delay, increase plus firm stock, memory price had begun to fall.

Although DRAM price from 2018 second half of the year begins to drop, but spend centrally as a result of the industry tall, competition of lower the price can be eroded only gain profit rich and generously at present, accordingly, included SamSung, SK 2019 the 3 big plants such as Hailishi, beautiful light come out the plan reduces capital expenditure, balance environment of market supply and demand in order to stabilize DRAM value.

Hailishi announced SK a few days ago will open up endowment 1, build of 7 billion dollar 4 brilliant round factory, maintain competitive dominant position. Beautiful smooth group raises the price of the commodities to be sealed at Taiwan build measure a yard, the Taiwan beauty in Taichun hind is smooth at the same time memory, considering to build plant of brand-new 12 inches of DRAM, the fastest likelihood is in finishing the end of next year, OK 2021 to the limit of one’s capacity. And SamSung of the biggest plant also is being made the same score in build at present lustre 2 factories, cover according to Businesskorea, a factory costs SamSung Korea 15.6 trillion Han Yuan is made () of about 14.4 billion dollar, samSung already planned to throw 14 trillion Han again yuan, this factory DRAM produces augment of in order to can. Observe the personage points out, 2 factories invest dimensions should not inferior at a factory, always invest amount to should be met that is to say approach 30 trillion Han yuan.

Big person constant already was the climate with DRAM constant market greatly, add new competitor nip takes abundant resource and fund, if the DRAM works with minor dimensions makes Cheng and dimensions go up cannot follow-up, in before long may face the margin namely in the future

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