A variety of elements affect memory 3 tycoons SamSung / SK Hailishi / beautiful smooth income will steep fall 29 %

These two years, DRAM memory, NAND shines put market free and easy to rise and fall, also drive hard disk of memory bar, solid state to last queasy, and regard the SamSung electron that masters core chip resource, SK as the tycoon such as Hailishi, beautiful light, nature is earn basin full earthen bowl is full, not hesitate even sedulous suppress is produced can come dominate the market. But time passes and the situation has changed, whole market wind and cloud-a stormy or unstable situation is choppy, as a result of seasonal keep long in stock of element, stock, price takes low factor effect, the day of 3 tycoons is more and more uneasy.

According to the survey data of DigiTimes, the four seasons was spent 2018, samSung electron, SK is Hailishi, beautiful smooth memory, shine put gross income to drop greatly compared to the same period 26% , annulus comparing also decreased 18% , among them memory 17% , shine put 20% .


Because store chip price falls power is continuous, downstream channel fears inventory is digested hard, next sheet are very careful, no matter smartphone or server are such, the memory that predicts 3 tycoons, shine put income to be able to be in 2019 first quarter compared to the same period acute is decreased 29% , annulus comparing also should fall again 26% .

Current, hailishi, beautiful light still is holding SamSung electron, SK 70% of whole industry income, before comparing this change basically without what.

All computation that seeks advice according to market country additionally is occupied, the four seasons spent gross earnings of global DRAM industry 2018 twenty-two billion eight hundred and eighty-five million dollar, annulus comparing drops 18.3% , among them electron of before 3 SamSung, SK is Hailishi, beautiful light dropped respectively 25.7% , 12.3% , 9.2% , 3 person total share is as high as bloodcurdling 96.0% .

The South Asia later, Hua Bangye dropped respectively 30.8% , 16.8% , ranked the Li Jing of the 6th to go up only 10.3% .

Gross earnings of industry of NAND of the corresponding period 14.16 billion dollar, annulus comparing drops 16.8% , among them electron of before 4 strong SamSung, Toshiba, beautiful light, number dropped respectively on the west 28.9% , 14.7% , 2.2% , 14.2% , 4 total share 80.4% .

The SK later Hailishi also dropped 13.4% , the 6th Intel is only small added 2.4% .

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