2 embarking Pixelworks show mobile phone of black shark game technology, game vision function promotion arrives brand-new level

Pixelworks HDR and get used to a vision to show processing technology can be in all watching oneself video of the promotion below the condition and game experience

Why do Chinese Beijing and American California emperor fill in – the limited company of semiconductor of pointwise of banner supplier —— that —— provided industry to precede video of low power comsumption handles a solution on March 18, 2019 (Na Sida overcomes stock code: PXLW) announces today, black shark is newest admiral game smartphone – mobile phone of black shark game 2, used processor of Pixelworks Iris vision, created provide most up to now be enmeshed the mobile game experience of feeling. Last for a long time of mobile phone of before this also is become two black shark and Pixelworks collaboration.

2 embarking Pixelworks show mobile phone of black shark game technology, game vision function promotion arrives brand-new level

Black shark 2 offer advanced technology for game lover, its outstanding indication vision performance exceeds most admiral smartphone. Have the aid of of super cinema mode motion of Pixelworks TrueClarity® intelligence compensates a technology, in the meantime, black shark 2 what still introduced Pixelworks is muti_function get used to indication mode oneself. These dynamic mode are optimized according to environmental illume condition indication brilliance and tonal, assured any watching to 2 mobile phones are in black shark thereby have below the condition vivid with fluent visual effect.

Black shark 2 used connect floating platform of ™855 of ® brave dragon high, used resolution to be as high as 6.39 inches of 19.5 of 1080×2340: The FHD+ of 9 displays screen. The AMOLED screen that 2 mobile phones provide black shark has P3 wide colour gamut, carried processor of Pixelworks Iris vision again, bring the visual quality of cinema class and unapproachable colour accuracy to the user thereby, more make the player gains high-powered game experience. In addition, function of 2 super cinemas still used black shark Pixelworks complete set shows optimize a technology, include:

The shade with Ÿ very exact essence shows, DE2000 of average chromatism value can be achieved be less than 1;

ŸTrueView is muti_function suit oneself show, can mix in all sorts of illume conditions environmental illume is tonal next implementation are optimal view the result, include solar view (DLV) , night, reach read mode, reduce a fatigue;

The HDR tonal map with Ÿ banner industry and from beginning to end HDR shows the result, the real time SDR that has game and video changes functional; to HDR

ŸTrueClarity®Intelligent motion compensates a technology, those who eliminate athletic picture shake and blur.

Wu Shimin of presiding apparitor of black shark company expresses: The smartphone game market that “ increases ceaselessly has expressed palpability to be opposite function, innovation and the most important be enmeshed the wild demand that the game of type experiences. The black shark that serves as the 3rd generation 2 dash forward showed the gain of newest cooperation innovation between black shark and Pixelworks. The vision that the vision that depending on industry to precede handles technical creation to give cinema level experiences and get used to the screen of all sorts of light conditions oneself, 2 mobile phones had been black shark mobile mobile phone shows function erected new surveyor’s pole. ”

Pixelworks president holds presiding apparitor Todd Debonis concurrently to complement: Ceaseless in the market of mobile phone game with intense competition ego breaks through “ black shark. This brand-new game mobile phone is a perfect platform that reveals Pixelworks innovation, used professional vision processor, try the first-rate HDR, flowing, motion picture that does not have faintness, more active voice optimizes the vision of mobile game player to experience. These profit that optimize breakthrough place to bring are distant more than at game, more system is other now no matter the —— on the experience related all visions is to watch stream media film, enjoy athletic spot direct seeding, still watch black shark 2 filmed video. ”

20 come for years, pixelworks image handles again and again of technical innovation great achievements, video presentation of successful race to control and digital image handle the commanding elevation of technical domain. The person that do poineering work via famous content and mainstream service supplier are approbated, pixelworksHDR technology can achieve 1M: The contrast of 1, colour accuracy raises 10 times, and can self-reacting environment light. PixelworksTrueClarity MEMC(moves beforehand appraise and athletic compensation) processing technology goes moving besides camera lens or the shift inside frame causes shake and blur, disappear watchs the ”(SOE) of effect of “ soap opera of the experience besides the influence, improved the game, film, vision experience that reachs an user to send video oneself significantly. In addition, function of Pixelworks picture quality, include definition and local contrast enhancement, assured completely what to show the fidelity of image.

Black shark rolls out this on the news briefing that held in Chinese Beijing on March 18, 2019 the paragraph is brand-new black shark 2 game smartphone. Precontract purchasing black shark can go up in the net since that day 2 mobile phones, this mobile phone anticipates will make work at leaving formally on March 22, 2019.

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