Xilinx expands series of its revolutionary Zynq UltraScale + RFSoC is 6GHz the following frequency paragraph provide overall support

Industry faces 5G exclusively wireless, cable television is received and the odd chip of radar application gets used to radio frequency platform oneself

On Feburary 21, 2019, china, beijing ——Suit to precede with intelligent calculative whole world oneself company of enterprise Sai Lingsai (Xilinx, inc. , (NASDAQ: XLNX)) announces its obtain the Zynq of special honour repeatedly today®UltraScale+™Radio frequency (RF) piece on system (SoC) range of products is added again taste newly, have taller radio frequency (RF) function and can expand more by force ability. New generation parts of an apparatus is built it is in range of products of foundation of Zynq UltraScale + RFSoC over the success of many markets, supportable 6GHz is the following and all frequency paragraph, satisfy the crucial requirement of deploy of new generation 5G thereby. In the meantime, supportable still the 14 modulus converter that is as high as 5GS/S in the light of sampling rate (the converter of 14 digit model of ADC) and 10 GS/S (DAC) undertakes direct RF sampling, the imitate bandwidth of both all is as high as 6GHz.

Xilinx expands series of its revolutionary Zynq UltraScale + RFSoC is 6GHz the following frequency paragraph provide overall support

Range of products of Sai Lingsai RFSoC, it is the industry can satisfy the odd chip that reachs prospective trade demand currently exclusively to get used to radio frequency platform oneself. This range of products includes now:

·Xilinx Zynq UltraScale + RFSoC Gen 2 (the 2nd acting) : This already began to offer print now and the plan measures yield parts of an apparatus or appliance at will be being thrown in June 2019, accord with the time program of deploy of Asian area 5G not only, and still support technology of newest radio frequency.

·Xilinx Zynq UltraScale + RFSoC Gen 3 (the 3rd acting) : Compare with photograph of fundamental range of products, can be opposite in subsystem of RF data converter frequency Duan Zhi receives RF sampling to offer overall support, patulous millimeter wave port under 6Ghz, reduce power comsumption amount to 20% . This product will 2019 second half of the year appears on the market.

New product odd chip is compositive more high-powered RF data converter, can receive for system of deploy 5G wireless communication, cable television, high-quality photograph accuses a radar solution, and include to measure test and satellite communications inside other application, the extensive frequency that offers place to need paragraph cover range. Through replacing schism type package, these parts of an apparatus can reach power comsumption enclose dimension acute to fall 50% , it is implementation of system of 5G of deploy of telegraphic operation business large-scale much input is much the good choice that output radical stands.

Sai Lingsai hardware and systematic product development carry out vice-president Liam Madden to express: We devote oneself to “ the client that helps us innovates quickly, have range of products of more high-powered Zynq UltraScale + RFSoC to can pass what these add newly, come drive is agile the development of framework of foundation of 5G of meet an emergency, intelligence feels hearten. Now, through be 6GHz the following frequency paragraph provide overall support, the design that takes the lead in the client immediateness that helps us beginning to quicken new generation system and development, can offer bigger competitive advantage for them thereby. ”

By right of the compatibility citing a base that whole product combines, the client can use the design of generation parts of an apparatus that supports the 2nd generation and blue print of the 3rd acting development and deploy now its system, in order to achieve higher performance. If need to know the more news of Zynq UltraScale + RFSoC, include ZCU111 to evaluate set detailed information, visit the relevant webpage of website of Sai Lingsai Chinese please.

2019 world mobile congress (Mobile World Congress 2019)

Sai Lingsai will reach Barcelona world 28 days on Feburary 25, 2019 6M30 of 6 exhibition halls postpones mobile plenary meeting, reveal its RFSoC product and other the 5G foundation framework of agile meet an emergency, intelligence.

In addition, this company still will come at 10 o’clock in the morning on Thursday on Feburary 28 at European mid time midday 12:30 held Power Hour special subject are the same as a stage with partner and client on the meeting. The conference that Sai Lingsai sponsors will be in 8 exhibition halls—NEXTech Theatre D is held.

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