Xilinx announces to take the lead in introducing subsystem of HDMI 2.1 IP

Implementation 8K UHD exceeds high-definition video to support Sai Lingsai parts of an apparatus, make new generation video collect, processing of video presentation, video and machine study

On Feburary 12, 2019, china, beijing – suit to precede with intelligent calculative whole world oneself company of enterprise Sai Lingsai (Xilinx, inc. , (NASDAQ: XLNX)) announces today, already introduced subsystem of complete HDMI 2.1 IP nucleus of its intellectual property (IP nucleus) in product combination, make all sorts of embarking competition effective the equipment of professional sound video that thinks of parts of an apparatus can be sent, receive and processing is as high as 8K(7680 X 4320 to resemble element) freeboard is clear (UHD) video, include to photograph among them like the head, shed switch of wall of act of the media player, professional monitor, LED, measuring projector and KVM implement, and all sorts of broadcast class that be handled to realize 8K video and upgrading terminal unit and infrastructure.

The high speed I/O that Sailingsaigaoke relies on a gender is sent and receive implement, make rate of data of processing HDMI 2.1 becomes a possibility. Increasing the working technological process that new client design begins to use machine study to promote a product value and optimize all sorts of application such as video of broadcast, professional sound, car and monitoring. The port of former unripe 8K that HDMI 2.1 supports can replace many ASSP or fixed function product, make odd parts of an apparatus can realize a Sailingsai processing, compress, high quality analysis and decision-making wait for a function.

Professional sound video and Ramesh Iyer of broadcast department inspector general express Sai Lingsai: “ is offer more of be personally on the scene view an experience, today’s professional sound video and broadcast market pursue rate of higher resolution, taller frame and big dynamic range ceaselessly. Now, our client can be in piece on the HDMI 2.1 interface with complete implementation, establish the design with compositive height, can realize former unripe 8K to handle ability, interlining of combinative 8K lightweight makes up decoder (Mezzanine Codec) , video of implementation 8K Over IP flows, reduce at the same time occupy board area, reduce power comsumption and BOM cost. ”

In the Amsterdam Europe that just goes compositive system is exhibited (on ISE) , contest spirit thinks of what revealed HDMI 2.1 to go up in FPGA to industry to come true first—Brand-new IP subsystem (be about to appear on the market) move in Sai Lingsai ZCU102 to evaluate set on. Depend on the data rate that is as high as 48Gbps, HDMI 2.1 supports a series of higher video resolution and frame rate, include 8K60 and 4K120, can mix in monitor of LED wall, old width of cloth taller be personally on the scene is obtained to experience in digital sign.

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